Wedding Day Hair: Side Swept Curls Tutorial Using Alikay Naturals


No matter how big or how small the ceremony, your wedding day is still a very special affair and it’s just as important to show up looking and feeling like a million bucks…hair included! The choice of a wedding hairstyle is just as important as the choice of the bridal gown because both should be in harmony with each other on your big day.

Ever since I cut my relaxed ends off and went fully natural, every now and then I would wonder how I would style my hair on my wedding day. My journey to accepting my natural hair moved from painful feelings of uncertainty to feelings of confidence that have only lead to joyful experiences. I decided that on my big day I would wear my hair in it’s natural state as a symbol of triumph for not only marrying a man who loves me for who I am, no matter how I look or wear my hair, but also in celebration of the woman I am blossoming into. I planned on totally owning my kinks, curls and coils on my big day to help show others that our natural hair can still look elegant while complimenting the style of our dress and also our personality.


If there is one thing I think everyone knows about me, is my love for the ‘wash n go’. I think it comes as no surprise that on my wedding day I would be wearing my hair in my all time favorite style. Big hair with curls and coils everywhere! Unfortunately, my very voluminous, wash-n-go fro didn’t quite harmonize well with the high neck line of my dress. I needed a plan B!

I still wanted to feel like me and needed a style that would duly reflect my beauty, so I still kept my signature wash & go but pinned it to the side, creating a side swept curly fro. A chic, glam yet trendy hair-do that also happened to be ridiculously easy. The side swept curls allowed for the high neckline of my dress to be seen and also help accentuate the beautiful and edgy cut-out details along my shoulder line. Often times when I wear my hair out, it completely over powers my face and that’s the last thing I wanted on my big day. Raising my hair up allowed me to open up my face more and make it a focal point of my look.

#1 TIP: I suggest doing a trial of your hairstyle before your big day to ensure that your hairstyle perfectly suits you, your dress and your face shape. You also want to make sure that you choose the right hair products for your big day. I personally like sticking to using one hair line right throughout my hair because company’s typically create their products to work in synergy with one another. Weeks before my wedding day, Alikay Naturals reached out to me and sent me their line of hair care products. I’ve been hooked ever since and knew that I would be using their entire line in my hair on my big day—from roots to tip!

Overall I am so happy with how my hair turned out. I love how the simple act of pulling all your hair to one side can add so much more drama to your entire look than just having a head full of curls. A wash and go transformed to a sweep to one side is super easy to do, and it looks cute and romantic too [you can also do a twist-out instead of a wash & go to create a similar look]. Peak below for details on how I achieved this look ⇓


1. First I co-washed my hair using Alikay Naturals Co-wash Me Cleansing Conditioner. A gentle, moisturizing cleanser that always leaves my scalp clean and my hair still feeling soft. I massaged the product into the four sections of my hair and rinsed thoroughly using warm water.

2. I then followed up with Alikay Naturals Honey & Sage Deep treatment. My hair was in french braids right up until the day of my wash & go. When I pulled out my braids my hair felt unusually dry so to get back the needed moisture I specifically chose this deep conditioner because one of its main ingredients happens to be honey. To my fellow curlies out there, honey is a humectant that pulls moisture from the air into hair and helps to lock that moisture into the hair strands. So I applied the treatment from root to tips to my wet hair and section by section I finger combed to remove any tangles. I then covered my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes (without heat). Then proceeded to rinsing.

3. After rinsing out the deep conditioner, while my hair was still wet I sprayed the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner by Alikay Naturals to my hair, making sure that the product saturated each strand of my hair.

4. While my hair was still in four sections, I then applied a small amount of Dulce Hydrating Curl Lotion to each section of my hair starting from the back and then moving to the front sections. After I applied the product to my entire head of hair, I shook my hair from side to side to help remove excess water and product. Dulce is a lightweight moisturizer that defines curls and leaves behind a soft natural hold, but after shaking my hair around I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the look of my hair. My curls were far too loose for day 1 hair and I realized I needed more than just a soft hold moisturizer for what I needed my hair to look like the following day.

5. This may seem like much to some but I wanted my hair to be a bit more “weighted”. I was serving cutesy, lightweight, fluffy curls but what I wanted was heavyweight champion, fierce, coils! I wanted more moisture and needed more hold to my hair so I grabbed two more babies from out of my suitcase and started by adding in Alikay Naturals Hair Parfait to my hair.

Now the hair parfait is ultra moisturizing and rich. Usually when I hear a little goes a long way I chuckle and think to myself “yeah right!” But with the Hair Parfait!!!! Take my word a little seriously goes a long way. So I carefully and quite messily sectioned my hair into four once again, then I took a small amount of the hair parfait and rubbed it into my hands to allow the product to emulsify for easier application. Then I applied a finger tip amount at a time to each section of hair by carefully rubbing my hands down the shaft of my hair. At this point my hair looked smoother and less fluffy but I still wanted more hold and definition so when I woke up the following day my hair would be dry yet perfectly in tact. Looking back I think I could have easily stopped here but I didn’t want to take any chances for my big day so I went and grabbed the Aloe Berry Styling Gel.

6. By this point I think I was pushing it based on the amount of products already in my hair, but my hair did not feel heavy nor did it look like I had loads of product in it, and that’s the beauty of the Alikay Naturals line. So to achieve a firmer hold I went with the Aloe Berry Styling Gel because it’s a lightweight gel that offers a soft medium hold. So basically my hair would still look soft and moisturized while still receiving the benefits of hold.

I applied a small amount at a time to my hair. Section by section I smoothed the product down the length of my hair from root to tip. After applying product to my entire head of hair I once again did another side to side hair shaking. YESSSSSSSS!!! Curls Curls Curls Galore!!! My hair was still very wet but my curls, kinks and coils were already POPPING! The gel helped to further define and enhance my natural curl pattern and I was so excited for my hair to dry throughout the day and over night (at night I flipped my hair over and loosely tied a scarf around my hair before going to bed).

For those wondering why I did my wash & go the day before…no worries, I promise you there is a method to my madness! I purposefully started out with a wash and go the day before, because like most naturals I prefer day 2 hair. I prefer to air dry my hair so for starters my hair would be soaking wet if I did my wash & go on my big day. But by day 2 my hair is usually 70-100% dry, it gathers more volume, it looses any crunchiness while sleeping and gets fluffier minus the frizziness.


Now let’s get down to business!

1. The following morning I took down my hair from my silk scarf and shook my head a bit to loosen up the curls. Just as I hoped I woke up to touchable, hydrated curls that did not feel crunchy or sticky.

2. Then I flipped my hair to the side I wanted my curls to fall and carefully created a side part in my hair

3. On the side I wanted pinned down, I then took some of the Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry Styling Gel to tame my curls a bit and to help sleek down my hair. I didn’t want my hair to look too sleek, so rather than brushing my hair down into place, I gently used my hands to sweep my hair back and began pinning. I started pinning, from the front and worked my way to the back, grabbing sections of my hair and pinning them to the side. I wanted to ensure that my hair stayed placed over my shoulder the entire time so I also placed a couple of bobby pins just below my ear.

4. Once my hair was in place, I smoothed the Alikay Naturals Argan Oil Elixir over my hair to tame any frizz & flyaways while giving shine & luster to my hair.

& TADA!!! There you have it…My Bridal Hair: Side Swept Curls

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  1. Lisa
    August 8, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    This is amazing! I mean your hair looks amazing. I’ve never heard of this hair care line but this is the best your hair has ever looked so it must be BOMB AF!

    • August 8, 2016 / 3:27 pm

      Thank you Lisa. I definitely agree on you there, my hair turned out much better than I expected on my big day. Alikay definitely got my hair right haha

  2. Melissa H
    August 8, 2016 / 3:08 pm

    Hi Natasha. Congrats again on your wedding. I can’t express just how happy I was when I saw your post on Instagram. But your hair really does look fab. I really want to attempt this whole side swept curls look you have going on here.

    • August 8, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      Thank you so much Melissa. If you do happen to recreate this look please send me an email or tag me in any photo you post to social media.

  3. Kym
    August 8, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    Your hair looked beautiful on your wedding day. The gel that you used to lay your edges flat, i sent it crunchy at all? And can it be used for a wash and go?

    • August 8, 2016 / 4:15 pm

      Thank you Kym. The Aloe Berry Styling Gel from Alikay Naturals is great for wash and go’s and it does not leave that crunchy feeling. That’s why I love it so much. Yay for products that have several uses!