Sweet Sugar Cardigan & Houndstooth

Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds)Hi Darlings, I feel like time is flying by way too fast right now! Last week I was invited to attend a fashion related conference in Florida and this was what I wore. Now I totally realize that Florida is pretty warm, but if it’s one thing I’ve learned about these things is how super-duper cold the rooms are—so I came prepared for cold interiors and kept in mind that Spring was days away.

So in honor of Spring and the colors we associate with it, I think it’s just to introduce you guys to a new member of my cardigan family. Please welcome this cozy light pink sweater that I got from Tobi ♥. She’s making her debut on the blog today but best believe I’ll be bringing her to class with me and to the office as well…actually I’m taking her anywhere that has air conditioning lol….

houndstooth Outfit by Natasha Lee of StylishLEEhoundstooth print outfit My look includes statement outerwear in the form of my super cozy pink cardigan from Tobi along with classic separates (mini skirt and basic white blouse). I’ve always been a sucker for pastels, but we all know that when Spring rolls around everyone whips out their soft color pieces. I think pastels somehow captures a very feminine yet luxurious style, and that was my very reason for choosing a pale pink cardigan as the focal point of my outfit.

I wanted my look to appear more sleek and timeless rather than temporarily on-trend and bulky so I placed some emphasis on silhouette and proportions. Gingham print is a pretty dense print which makes it a little tricky to pull off, so to prevent the print from looking too busy I featured plenty of white space in my look. To accessorize, I chose to wear a pastel statement necklace to help bring out the soft hues of pink in the cardigan, cozy heels and a simple black tote to hold all of my goodies.

I also feel like finally I have an outfit that some of you in the colder areas may be able to get a little inspiration from. Believe me…I’ve been hearing you, and I agree, it sucks that there is snow still on the ground in some places, but that just means you can get even more excited for better weather very soon. In the mean time you can take a bit of inspo from this look, since a cardigan and tights will help keep you warm until the snow subsides and the freezing cold winds slow down.

I want to know where my readers are from. Comment below and also tell me what your spring weather is like now. Talk soon loves. XO Natasha ♥

Pink Cardigan from Tobi HERE Cozy Booties from Forever 21 (3 years old) Similar HERE Classic Opaque Tights HERE White Classic Ribbed Top from Jones NewYork Similar HERE Gingham Print Skirt (3 years old) Similar HERE Black Tote Similar HERE Statement Necklace Similar HERE

 Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Pink Cardigan Pink Cardigan Pink Gingham Print
Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Pink Statement Necklace. by Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Steve Madden Tote by Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Pink Cardigan Outfit Pastel Pink Cardigan OOTD Gingham Print Skirt. by Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Tiverton Cardigan from TOBI. by Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds) Pink Cardigan. by Natasha Lee of StylishLee (IG- natashaleeds)


  1. jade
    March 25, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Love this outfit; you look so cute!

    • March 27, 2015 / 3:03 pm

      thank you jade. nuff love