Summer Beach Essentials


Hey there!

It’s crazy to think we are almost at the halfway mark for summer already. Don’t you just hate how quickly the summer months come and go? Well before they do go, I want to share a few of my summer beach essentials with you. From a hair refresher spray that you can use after you get out of the water to the cutest summer beach hat.

First things first…the bikini! You may recognize this cute, high-waisted white number from my Instagram! I picked it up roughly a year ago in good ol’ Forever 21 for no more than $30. Thats a huge steal right!? Well since I’ve been hitting the beach up more frequently I pulled her back out and I was instantly reminded how much I liked this inexpensive swimsuit. Plus the bottoms are super flattering! So after chowing down by the pool or beach at least your ‘food baby’ will be hidden.


So whats the beach without sunnies, a good hat and super comfy but still cute flatforms? I’ve currently been obsessing over aviators because 1. my husband is a budding pilot and 2. the frames flatter almost every face shape! My flatforms from Soludos has been a staple in every vacation that involves the beach, so I had to include them in this list of summer essentials.

hat is always a good idea, and a good one too. As much as I love the sun, getting too much isn’t good for your skin. So on top of my face sunscreen from Neutrgena and another for my body from Banana Boat, I also always have a hat on hand. Not only does is shield your face from the suns harsh rays but hats are such a cute addition to any beach look. Now I just need to master how to make the hat stay put over my big hair, haha!

Whenever I hit the beach, I have days when I jump right in and have zero care in the world about getting my hair drenched with salt or chlorinated water. Then I have other days where I take one of my large hair ties to put my hair up into a messy puff. That said, I always, always always, have a hair tie or scarf in my beach bag just for safe keeping. Oh, and if I somehow forget my hair tie, borrow someones shoe lace to tie your hair up. Yes I’ve done this before! Sometimes we just have to improvise.

This really isn’t a beach essential but here in Jamaica we have beach parties all summer long so it’s important for me to always have a tanned, healthy glow and Melanie Mills Gleam Body Radiance never fails. It leaves behind this beautiful bronzed, sun-kissed glow whenever I apply the lotion to my legs. Best part? It doesn’t transfer either, whew!

Once I’ve decided that I’m done frolicking in the water, I ALWAYS give my hair some love by running it under fresh water. After rinsing I either add some conditioner to my mane or use a curl refresher to help replenish the moisture lost while swimming and to prep my hair for the big wash when I get home. I also hydrate my skin by applying my either my fave beach lotion from H2O or applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil infused with Aloe Vera if I’m sunburnt. For my face, I lightly mist some rose water all over my face to help prevent it from feeling parched. As for my lips, I use Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask right throughout the day [it’s actually one of my must have beauty products too].


Lastly, I occasionally freshen up a bit by reapplying deodorant and a fresh scented perfume if I’m heading straight from the beach to lunch. The last thing you want is to be smelly after swimming all day and baking in the sun!

Sandflies and mosquitoes are very common in the late evenings on the island, and since I pretty much stay at the beach until sunset I always have insect repellant on hand! Nothing ruins a beach day, like being bitten up on the beach by sandflies. Trust me I’m telling you this from first hand experience. I was bitten up so badly by sandflies my doctor tried to tell me I had chicken pox! Yes it was that bad so I’m always prepared for those pesky little insects.

Well, there you have it. A few of my must have products to bring with me to the beach. What products have you been using this summer? Share it in the comment section below. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥