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So my in-laws and I recently drove to The Sugar Factory, nestled in Ocean Drive, Miami to finally see what the hype was all about. We only visited for drinks so I can’t fully comment beyond that. But the Sugar Factory truly is a whimsical place with oversized, candy-themed drinks and lavish desserts. One things for sure, The Sugar Factory is your dentist and gym instructors worst nightmare. You can find anything from desserts of epic proportions, giant alcoholic goblets, sweets, treats and anything in between on their menu. Where am I going with this…if you’re working towards a beach body, this is not the place to visit. But if you like to indulge every once in a while and you’re looking to fill a sweet craving of yours, this is your place.

The atmosphere is energetic, fun and lively, with decor that includes photos of candy-loving celebrities who frequently visit, crystal chandeliers, oversized candy sculptures and nostalgia inducing candies [like Nerds, Pop Rocks and Pez] in the store front for sale. Speaking of store front…don’t be fooled by the candy shop store front. Initially I thought this place only sold sweet alcoholic drinks in never ending size cups, candies and desserts. But I sure had it wrong. They have a vast menu of delectable food options with even gluten free options. The Sugar Factory is by no means gourmet but their colorful take on American classic meals like Mac & Cheese & Jalapeño Burgers was very satisfying.


For the ultimate sugar rush we started with one of The Sugar Factory’s impressive, colorful bubbling goblets. These goblets are 60 ounces of sugar insanity. I went with the Lollipop Passion drink— a blend of melon, coconut and pineapple flavored liqueurs and juices that’s garnished with lollipops. The drink was pretty strong [like a slurpee on steroids] but it was the huge rainbow, lollipops sticking out of the smokey concoction that really got me excited and released my inner child.

The entire dining experience brought back fond childhood memories. So downing a giant goblet of colored booze, eating candy and munching on macaroni pops were definitely worth the weight gain. Plus the vibrant colors and presentation of their drinks, desserts and meals had me reaching for my phone so I could create some photo-worthy feasts for my Instagram & Snapchat.


Now for the bad…the PRICES!

We all know ordering an alcoholic drink at a bar or restaurant is a bad business transaction because you’re typically paying three times the price than if you had purchased it from your local liquor store. So paying higher for my drink was something I had in mind  when we decided to go to The Sugar Factory. But I was very surprised when I saw resort and concession fees added to my bill. So my already expensive drink for $42 turned into a $57 drink! Of course I didn’t complain too much because I had an idea what we were getting ourselves into when we agreed to head down to South Beach for a day. But I honestly don’t think I will be revisiting anytime soon.

The Sugar Factory is indeed overpriced but I do think it’s definitely one of those one time, South Beach experiences that anyone visiting just has to have. Plus, if you’re able to get past the steep fee’s you’ll be paying at the end of the night, you’ll find yourself having a blast as you take a fun break from all of your adult responsibilities. So do as I did, order a GIANT GOBLET, grab a few food platters to share across the entire table and treat your inner child to an amazing time. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

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  1. Mary Martinez
    December 2, 2017 / 6:56 pm

    Sounds like fun have to go, when in Miami. Thanks Natasha!!!

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