Rolling Stones- 2 ways to wear a Graphic Tee

How to wear a graphic tee (StylishLee: IG-natashaleeds)Hey dolls and gents! Happy Friday! For today’s FBF post I’m sharing with you how I wore my boyfriends Rolling Stones graphic tee. It’s funny how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…or perhaps I should say is another woman’s treasure. I realized that my boyfriend was wearing this super cool shirt at home and when I asked him why he said “because this is my yard shirt.” So basically he didn’t see it fit to be worn outside of the home anymore! “WHAT???? Are you crazy? Can I have it please???” and as easy as that he took it off and threw it at me haha! So there it was a brand ‘new’ shirt to add to my wardrobe.

So I like to borrow, okay more like take my boyfriends clothes (eye roll), but no worries you don’t need a man for this trend you also have the option of simply buying menswear inspired shirts in a few sizes up (I find it easier to borrow from the men in our lives though, just saying lol). Nontheless, graphic tees are everywhere! I mean literally almost every store I’ve ever been in sells them. It’s a casual piece that will forever be around because they’re incredibly versatile and can easily be taken from a day look to evening wear. On top of that no matter you’re shape and size, a graphic tee goes with everyone’s body type. Oh! did I mention how affordable they are? I mean obviously they come very expensive buy hey, they also come crazy cheap too (or even free if you “borrow” one from the man in your life). Still, how you look in a graphic tee depends mostly on what you pair it with, and today I’ll be showing you what I paired with mine (or his).

How to wear a graphic tee (StylishLee: IG-natashaleeds)

My first outfit I call the perfect weekend outfit. The over sized t-shirt paired with ripped jeans is perhaps a typical weekend outfit for me. It’s super easy to put together and is kind-of always on trend. I paired my look with my red ‘litas’ from Jeffery Campbell. I went with booties only because I was heading out for a casual night of cocktails with my girlfriends. So if you happen to have a busy weekend try pairing a look similar to this with some cute flats or cool sneakers.

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IMG_8551How to wear a graphic tee (StylishLee: IG-natashaleeds)How to wear a graphic tee (StylishLee: IG-natashaleeds)

If you’ve ever been to Montego Bay, Jamaica then you’d know that the place to be on a Friday night is Pier One. Well I had planned to go out with my girlfriends that night but was having a common case of ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!’ Then there it was…my boyfriends tee staring right at me…sure I wore it before and so has he but there’s nothing wrong with being a repeat offender! So with a bit of creativity I took this wardrobe stable beyond the classic jeans and a tee shirt look into a ready to hit the club type of look.

Standing at 6’3 my boyfriends shirt falls perfectly on him, stopping right at his waist. Take that same shirt & put it little ol’ me and ladies and gentlemen we have an over-sized dress! & that’s exactly how I wore it. Underneath I have on a pair of black high-waisted shorts just to protect my bum from being seen. Then I tied a shirt around my waist to help define that area just a bit, and threw on a statement necklace. For some reason I think a statement necklace somehow makes an outfit appear less casual and more chic; especially when you’re already wearing a garment of clothing that’s not particularly considered chic. Finally I put on my gladiator heels to give my look some edge, and matched my red clutch to my statement red matte lip.

Thank you for dropping by and see you very very soon! In the meantime I want to know how you style your favorite printed shirt? Let me know in the comments below. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

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  1. Kiki
    May 22, 2015 / 11:15 am

    I absolutely adore this look. I usually rock graphic tees with simple girly sandals or sperrys but this is epic. I wonder if I could pull it off as wonderfully as you. Keep it up girl.

  2. cristallina
    May 23, 2015 / 6:30 pm

    Dopeness defined! My fav is the knee high gladiators with the tee. Sllllaawyyyy