REVIEW ¦ Pantene Defining Curls Styling Custard

pantene-defining-curls-styling-custard-review-natural-hair-product-reviewHey NaturalLeeders! So I’m back with another natural hair product review—Pantene Defining Curls Styling Custard. I think I’ve been a ‘naturalista’ long enough to know what my hair likes and doesn’t like or know what will work and will not work in my hair. This product in particular was one of those products I had a feeling I wouldn’t like based on the ingredients but I wanted to try something new and since the custard was only $650JMD/$5.00USD, I thought I”ll give it a try.

The ingredients weren’t promising at all, but Pantene claimed on the container that the custard defines natural curls, adds shine, 24 hour frizz control even in high humidity, and leaves curls touchably soft and manageable. All these claims sort of won me over but I’ll say it again, the ingredients left me skeptical. Let me just get this over with from now…This product did nothing for me!!! No Shine! No Frizz Control! Definitely No Touchably Soft Curls! Ohhhh & most certainly NOT manageable! I think the only thing that this custard actually did was define my curls for the first day, but by day 2 of my wash and go my hair was in such a bad state (stiff, sticky, flaky, crunchy and brittle) I had to wash it out A-S-A-P!

To make matters worst, after about a week later I decided to try this damn custard a second time. This time around I used more moisturizer and I used less of the custard…WORST IDEA EVER! I washed out my hair by day 2 once again and this time it was very tangled. Detangling natural hair in general is a hard enough task already, but detangling dry, brittle hair—Torture!!! I spent maybe 2 full hours in my shower trying to be as gentle as possible while also trying not to snap off my crunchy, brittle strands (BIG DUTTY SIGH!). It was so knotted in some areas I had to CUT IT (see example below). If you follow me on Instagram or on Snapchat you would have noticed that my hair has been in twists or under a hat. The Pantene Custard left my hair so dry that I decided to give myself a good deep conditioning treatment and then put it in a protective style to give my hair a break and some time to repair itself.

IMG_3620If you closely towards the left you can see where my hair knotted. YUP, that knot is nowhere near my ends, instead its about 4inches in length when stretched!!! I tried my best to get these knots out but there were some that I just had to take a deep breath and cut them out. I guess if I look on the brighter side of things, I needed a fresh ‘trimming’ of my ends anyways (even though this waaaaaay is more than a trim).

  • Consistency–  it is very lightweight
  • Hold– it did hold my curls pretty well but I still paid the price of having super dry hair.


  • Ingredients– The good ingredients (jojoba and coconut oil) are the LAST INGREDIENTS!!! WTF??? Who puts the best ingredients DEAD LAST??? They need to re-launch this product again and label it—’NEW & IMPROVED FORMULA’. Pantene really needs to add some type of super moisturizers in this custard for me to ever consider trying it again.
  • Moisture: NONE. It’s as simple as that. I can’t even fully describe how dehydrated my hair looked and felt. I woke up and my hair looked freakin’ thirsty, ‘KMT’.

If any of you NaturalLeeders have ever used this particular product and it works for you, please leave a comment below and tell me how exactly you used this custard. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Talk Soon, Nuff Love, Natasha ♥




  1. September 18, 2015 / 9:37 am

    Thank you for this informative review. You saved a lot of unnecessary trimmings. I can say I am NOT of fan of many Pantene products in fact I like to stick to as all natural products as I can from prepoo to styler. Everything else has been a fail. However all natural is more expensive BUT saves your hair. I look forward to more reviews.

    • September 18, 2015 / 5:52 pm

      You know I’m not a fan either, and I always stick to all natural products so I should have known this was a disaster in the making…lol Guess Ive learned my lesson lol. Thank you for stopping by love.

  2. September 19, 2015 / 6:32 am

    You are quite the comedian miss Lee, I laughed through the whole post, even at your misfortunes,I couldn’t help it sweetheart, I just had to.

  3. Karen J
    September 21, 2015 / 8:33 am

    Wow, that’s serious.