Normcore- The New Normal

Jamaican Fashion Blogger Natasha LeeWoooohoooooo it’s FRIDAY!!! YES!!!

& guess what…It seems like Blending in is the NEW Standing Out…It’s The New Normal.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but dressing in normal clothes has been trending since early last year and it has continued here in 2015. I’m actually no stranger to this trend since I feel like this is how I dress majority of the time anyway. & in case you have no clue what trend I’m referring to, it’s the ‘Normcore’ trend, which in simpler terms is basically…well dressing normal. Clothes that were once dismissed as an everyday look is now being accepted and quite frankly I think that’s pretty awesome…there’s something refreshing about wearing a pain tee and jeans and labeling it as ‘fashion worthy.’

Normcore Fashion

I funnily enough think this trend is totally taken for granted and its’ actually a tricky style to master because it is so bland. Neutral colors like black, gray, beige, white, tan and denim come to mind when I think normcore, and when trying this trend you have to look more chic than bland. It’s all about embracing a chic but effortless and comfortable look like, plain tee’s, simple socks, loose fitted pants or ripped jeans and sneakers..

As said earlier, I have always followed the basic principles of this normcore trend, however I’m one to add in embellishments like a statement necklace and occasionally opt for heels over training sneakers (like in today’s outfit). So yes my shoes are anything but normcore, but hey at least I went with wedges which are a bit more ‘normal’ when compared to pointy toe pumps or stilettos. My jeans which I paired with a plain tee, are almost 10 years old. A few years back I did a distressed denim DIY on them and the wear and tear over the years has left them in this pretty cool and rugged state. I actually had a long day planned so I went with my simple, over sized, black tote from Aldo (sold out)…although over sized its surprisingly lightweight, which made it the perfect bag for my day. Oh and I absolutely love the chain link details on the side of the bag—although not noticeable (normal) it gives the bag more character and edge.

It’s clear to me that this trend is hear to stay for 2015 and I honestly don’t mind the no fuss…no muss rule that the normcore trend entails. Now please do go ahead and enjoy your weekend, and we’ll catch up soon.

XO. Natasha ♥

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