My Favorite Products From Alikay Naturals

alikay-naturals-hair-skin-body-products-natashaleeds-stylishleeRude Gals Stand Up!!!!

I am constantly getting asked what my all time favorite products from Alikay Naturals are. Well guess what?! I’ve teamed up with Alikay Naturals to create my own collection with my top 7 products from their line.

The products range from my favorite skin care and bath & body products to my top hair products. Oh and the best part? You get a FREE Alikay Naturals Tote with purchase of my collection. Now don’t let the price fool you. Yes US$99 sounds steep but you aren’t getting sample sized products. This collection includes only full sized products from Alikay. These are the products from their line that I have repurchased all on my own from both from their website and also in Target on my last visit to the US. So you know these Alikay Naturals products are the real deal to me.

Collection includes:

  1. Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner
  2. Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner
  3. Essential 17 Growth Oil
  4. Sage Soy Candle
  5. Brown Suga’ Baby Body Scrub
  6. Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask
  7. Amazing Black Soap and Honey

Plus a FREE Alikay Naturals tote with purchase.

Click for my Top 7 Alikay Naturals Products-Natasha Fav’s Collection HEREnatural-hair-afro-alikay-naturals-hair-skin-body-products-natashaleeds-stylishlee

 1. Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner


This bad boy is loaded with natural and organic ingredients like honey for deep moisture, coconut oil to hydrate and avocado oil to add slip and penetrate the hair shaft. This deep conditioner is perfect for my gals out there with dry or damaged hair because it penetrates deep into the follicle to nourish and revitalize weak, dry, thirsty hair using benefits of natural ingredients such as Babassu and Sage, while Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds shine and softness.

It smells like yummy and will leave your hair feeling fabulous. Click HERE for my Deep Conditioning Routine.

2. Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner


I call this leave-in conditioner ‘Liquid Gold’ because it truly is magic in a bottle. I love to layer my hair products for my wash and go’s, so a leave-in conditioner is a must. This leave-in is the PERFECT moisture solution for ALL HAIR TYPES. It is lightweight yet strong enough to penetrate deep into the hair cortex to lock in moisture, soften, strengthen and condition each strand.

This is another product that had me sold by just the smell. I have never been one to like citrus scents so I was very skeptical when I saw on the Alikay website that it smelled like lemon zest. Well by the looks of it I guess I now love the refreshing scent of lemon zest because I instantly fell in love with this leave-in after my first few sprays into my hair.

3. Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil


If you are on a journey to longer, healthy hair then the essential 17 hair growth oil is just for YOU! Using the Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil promotes both hair growth and a healthy scalp. It does this by using a custom blend of essential oils that are able to penetrate the scalp to get the nutrients directly to your hair follicles.

I apply this oil directly to my scalp every few days and follow up with a 5-10minute scalp massage. Click HERE to watch my scalp massage routine.

4. Honey & Sage Soy Candle


I fell in love with the scent of the Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner. So when I found out Alikay had a Soy based candle with that exact fragrance I knew I had to get is ASAP! It is an aromatic soy candle infused with pure essential oils and is made with natural biodegradable soy wax. So you receive quality over the time it burns. I am currently on my 3rd Honey & Sage candle and best believe I’ll be getting another one once this one has burnt out.

5. Brown Suga’ Baby Body Scrub


This yummy brown sugar scrub has taken the number 1 spot for the best body scrub I’ve ever used. Period. With an oily texture and a really gritty sugary consistency, this really exfoliates the skin with intent. The scent is a mix of brown sugar and caramel which is absolutely beautiful and also uplifting for me. Whenever I use this body scrub I feel like a goddess because I am always left with glowing, baby soft skin afterwards.

6. Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask


I love this face mask because it always leaves my skin feeling tight and rejuvenated after use. The natural minerals found in this mask detoxifies your skin and a good detox is exactly what I’m looking for at the end of a long work week. Here comes the GLOW (glowing skin that is).

7. Amazing Black Soap


Last but not least…the Alikay Black Soap. After using this soap for over three months I can now say the results I’ve experienced are definitely worth bragging about. I will forever be grateful for this product because it really does help to clear up my skin by fading blemishes and acne scars naturally. Nonetheless black soap does leave my skin feeling dry after prolonged use. So rather than using this soap daily I only use it two, sometimes three times per week.

If you struggle with acne and have combination/oily skin I highly recommend trying this stuff. Plus, if the soap doesn’t work whatsoever for you, you can always use it on your body (Yes I do this too—but mostly on just my back).


And there you have it. My favorite Alikay Naturals products of all time. If you’ve used any of these babies before let me know which one and if I’ve missed any of your fave products let me know too. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥