My Favorite Lipsticks


My-favorite-lip-products-@natashaleeds-StylishLeeHey Hey Hey! Guess what? Today (July 29th) is National LIPSTICK Day! Didn’t know it existed right? Well, neither did I. I actually heard about this from one of my subbies, so thank you love for sharing this awesome day with me. I’ll take any excuse to showcase or purchase a new lippie. I’ve seen a lot of requests for a lipstick collection post!! So in celebration of the occasion, I’m sharing with you my tried and tested favorites. I won’t be able to go through every single one, because well—we’d be here for days if I tried. LOL.

By now many of you should have realized that I am a dedicated lipstick hoarder. Every time I travel outside of Jamaica I grab a few (more like 10+) lip products. Luckily, this is a habit that I can justify with myself, since I wear lipstick almost every single day. I love bright and bold lipsticks because it is the perfect accessory to any outfit. Occasionally I like to wear different shades with different moods, but I generally gravitate towards classic reds and fuchsia-pinks. Peep below for my fave lippies at the moment ♥


High End Lipsticks

Mac-Lipstick-Collection-@natashaleeds-StylishLee1. Mac Ruby Woo is a well known and popular shade of red. It’s one of the better blue toned reds out there and still a favorite of mine because of the longevity and the color payoff. It’s a matte lippie so it can be a bit drying to the lips, so always wear chap stick before applying ruby woo.

2. Mac Candy Yum Yum is probably the most fun shade of bright pink I own! I wear this shade a ton, but not so much on its own. Instead I love mixing it with Mac’s Ruby Woo to get a bright fuchsia shade.

3. Mac Heaux [Discontinued] is a deep berry-hue red with a matte finish that I got from the Riri hearts Mac collection (limited edition). I tend to wear this shade more in the fall-winter months, while during the spring-summer seasons I like to mix it with candy yum yum (yeah I do a lot of color mixing). Dupes for Heaux are Mac’s Fixed on Drama, Mac’s Sin or Mac’s Diva.

4. Mac Heroine is a magenta purple with a matte finish that applies super opaque in one swipe. At first glance it can seem intimidating but it really is a very wearable shade that goes with most skin tones. Somehow this blue toned purple always finds a way to light up my face every time I wear it.

5. Mac Viva Glam Gaga [Discontinued] is a lustre finish lippie that can be applied sheer if you use a light hand, but the color also builds very quickly to a very noticeable but wearable baby doll pink. Unfortunately this lippie was only available for a limited time, but a great dupe for it is Mac’s Saint Germain lipstick.

Drugstore Lipsticks

favorite-maybelline-lipsticks-@natashaleeds-StylishLee6. Maybelline Touch of Spice is a darker nude lippie that has become my everyday could-not-live-without it shade. I stumbled upon it at Target by chance a year ago, and I have been married to it ever since. It has the perfect amount of pink to give your regular lips just a tiny bit of pop while making your lips also appear fuller without standing out too much and making a statement (think Kylie Jenner lips for women of color).

7. Maybelline Coral Crush is a neon strawberry pink- some what watermelon-ish. This lippie is the perfect supersaturated coral color that shouldn’t look amazing on me but somehow does. Every time I wear this lipstick it never fails to earn compliments, because the intense neon color really draws attention to my face.

8. Maybelline Brazen Berry is another shade of purple that I wear a lot. It is very similar to Mac’s Heroine but with a whole lot more neon going on! It’s a really fun color and one of my favorites to wear out clubbing.

Lip Stains


9. Elf Lip Stain in Red Carpet is new to my red collection and I’ve been wearing it all summer. The bright-red color gives the perfect pout to accompany sun-kissed skin. If you don’t have a huge budget to be buying really vibrant colors and you want good quality without the high end price tag, check out this lip stain! It’s matte enough to stay in place and last for several hours before having to reapply, while also giving you the option to gloss up the look since it has a glossy side attached.

10. Elf Lip Stain in Lucky Lady  is a lippie that I honestly thought would not look good on me, given that it leans towards the beige-brown side and I thought it would have been very blah! But when applied, the color was a LOT lighter than what I thought it would be based on the tube. The gorgeous coral-peach shade instead complimented my skin amazingly and has become a regular everyday lippie for me.

11. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Black Currant is a gothy deep purple that is almost black, and it looks super vampy against my dark hair and eyes. I love these as a little alternative to an ordinary lipstick as I find they are a lot more long lasting. Although they are a little more tricky to apply making it a terrible candidate for on-the-go application, when done right it looks amazing!

12. LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in Backstage  is another liquid lipstick in a beautiful deep wine. I LOVE this shade and especially the flat finish it has. It’s definitely a shade that I reach for in the fall and winter months (even thought in Jamaica we don’t experience anything of the sort lol).


I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I did. If you have the urge to pick up a few new lippies after reading this post, feel free to blame me for it haha! Have you tried any of these lipsticks before? Am I missing out on any good ones? Leave a comment below. Now, pucker up—today is National Lipstick Day! Muah!!! Nuff Love, Natasha ♥


  1. August 2, 2015 / 4:15 pm

    I love the lipsticks, the glosses and the lip stains, am more obsessed with the dark and bright colors than the nudes, can I get an amen for the edgy look they give!

    • August 3, 2015 / 12:38 am

      AMEN!!!! thank you love