REVIEW ¦ Lotta body Coconut and Shea Oils Collection


Okay! Okay! Who else remembers their mom, aunts and grandma’s using the Lotta Body brand back in the day for their roller wraps??? Well I sure do. It’s crazy how long this company has been around and it’s even crazier that they’ve been able to revamp themselves to come back in the Best Way Possible! Oh & they are back at an affordable price too. SCORE!
I received these products in a complimentary gift bag at the Natural Hair Does Care Brunch Affair held in Montego Bay, Jamaica just a few months ago & ever since receiving them I’ve been eager test them out. Over the past month I used all of these products several times, in different combinations and paired with other products from different brands and  today I’m sharing with you my thoughts…

Lotta Body Coconut & Shea Oils Collection Review

Love Me 5-n-1 Miracle Styling Cream I use the 5-n-1 miracle styling cream both as a leave in conditioner and also as a hair refresher. As a leave in conditioner, I applied the product in the shower immediately after I’m through washing. It’s a very lightweight cream that comes in a spray bottle that actually works. As a leave-in it acts as a good base before applying a thick moisturizer and/or custard because it has such amazing slip.

As a refresher, I apply the miracle styling cream to my hair to to revitalize my wash and go throughout the week. It’s major ingredients include coconut and Shea oils which allows for much needed softness but also makes for a very pleasant smell. All in all, “Love Me”  is a pretty good product and for a product that costs less that USD$5.oo I think I’ll definitely be picking one up again.

lotta-body-2-n-1-miracle-styling-cream-prouct review

Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk: My absolute favorite product from the entire line happens to be the key to moisturized tresses. I really did enjoy using this product over the past month because of its moisturizing capabilities. It holds the consistency of a lotion, smells lovely and comes equipped with a convenient pump. If you know a thing or two about applying products in the shower with wet, slippery hands then you will understand how brilliant of an idea it is for a product to come with a handy pump.

After washing my hair I sectioned my hair into four sections and applied the product using the ‘praying hands technique’ making sure to apply enough from root to tip. It took roughly 3-4 pumps to coat each of the four sections of my hair. The slip was amazing, the shine was amazing and the softness of my hair felt amazing. When applying the curl & style milk I did notice my curls coiling and looking very springy, but after my hair air dried my feelings towards definition changed a bit. Yes my hair looked and felt soft but somewhere along the line my curls lost the definition it had when I first applied the product. Nonetheless I still do think this one is definitely a keeper.


Shape Me Custard Gelee: One things for sure, Lotta Body definitely gave this product the perfect name because the consistency of the “Gelee’ is very sticky and gelatin like.

The directions suggest to use on freshly washed hair so this is exactly what I did. After washing I distributed a generous amount of the “Gelee” to my hair. As expected this did not work. Initially the results were flawless but by day two when my hair had completely air dried it lacked moisture and my coils looked lifeless. I used the products a few more times after my first failed attempt but I’ve come to believe that this custard is too lightweight for my hair and may be more suitable for women with type 3a-b hair.
When I use a custard, gel, gelee or whatever name you want to use, I expect my hair to have good hold and for my wash and go’s to last a good 3-5 days. Don’t get me wrong, my hair looked beautiful on day 1 of my wash day but this custard didn’t have much holding power and is nothing in comparison to my usual styling products. I would caution you, I also noticed a small amount of white residue on my hair when I used the ‘Gelee’ with a moisturizer. It didn’t leave the best look in the start but once my hair began to air dry the white residue faded gradually throughout the day.

lotta-body-shape-me-custard-gelee-product-review lotta-body-shape-me-custard-gelee-product-review

Wrap Me Foaming Mousse:  I used the wrap me foaming mousse to do everything but a wrap haha! Instead I used the mousse as a part of my wash and go routine and also in a twist out that turned out beautifully.

For my wash & go, I opted to use the Lotta Body curl & style milk before applying the mousse. I used the Smoothing/Praying hands Method and made sure to apply from root to tip. While applying the mouse I immediately noticed a beautiful shine to my hair. As far as definition goes, it is very light and gave a soft hold to my curls but did not provide enough hold or definition to maintain a lasting wash & go. Perhaps this could be more so about my hair type or technique because I’ve seen loads of gals on Instagram raving about days and days worth of curls when using the mousse. For the price, I think I would purchase this product if I wore twists in my hair more frequently, because the results of my twist out was fantastic.


Control Me Gel:  I’m not one to to strive for ‘laid’ edges but this edge control is the bomb. It’s not sticky and the gel was able to slick down my baby hairs without flaking. I was thoroughly impressed by the results of this product mostly because of the varying moisturizing ingredients its formulated with.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was completely impressed with Lotta Body’s very budget friendly collection. I think the affordability of the entire line is what impressed me most, because all products from Lottabody’s new styling line are under USD$10.00. making the entire collection a good value for money.

Another plus—it works well with other lines. Major points scored here for me because I love being able to ‘cocktail’ different products from different brands together. I happened to pair the Lottabody products with products from Cantu, Shea Moisture and Camille Rose Naturals and all worked well together. Finally I think each product was brilliantly paired with the perfect bottle or jar making them very convenient and easy to use. I really think Lottabody did a good job on revamping their line of new products and I’m looking forward to see what the company does next.

Have you used any of these products? Is yes, please share your thought below. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥


  1. Asheika
    December 8, 2015 / 4:11 pm

    The edge control along with the other products are superb, I ran out of moisturize me. I pains mi heart gotta get some more!!!!! Love and how can I forget the smell of coconut is heaven. 🙂

    • December 8, 2015 / 7:40 pm

      I’m all out of everything lol luckily it’s all pretty inexpensive so we don’t gotta break the bank to restock ?