We Inspire Women Workshop Will Blow Your Mind


As we RISE!

Sisterhood. Empower. Elevate. Inspire. Motivate

Laughter, tears, joy and absolute astonishment were just a few of the emotions that consumed my body, mind and soul last weekend while in attendance at the We Inspire Women events.

Everyone wants to make a dent in the world either personally or professionally. Cortia Bingham McKenzie, the brainchild of the event, set out to provide an engaging setting for women who desire to transform their lives, the community, and the world! She enlisted the assistance of various women making waves within their industries to share their testimonies, advice and resources.

Some of these ladies included, Claudine Lewis (cardiologist), Donna Duncan Scott (group executive director at JMMB), Naomi Francis (press secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister), Marsha Lumley (head of marketing and corporate communications, Trade Winds Citrus Limited), Janice Allen (regional director at the Jamaica Tourist Board), Catherine Goodhall (marketing manager, beverages, LASCO), Sonia Bertram (judge of the Supreme Court of Jamaica), Gladys Brown (Superintendent of Police and Attorney-at-Law Gladys Brown) and Novia McDonald-Whyte (Senior Associate Editor at the Jamaica Observer).


These very powerful women shared inspirational stories of their triumphs and tribulations encountered on their road to success. I was particularly moved by the openness of the speakers. Some of these women were victims of abuse and by opening up and sharing their stories I think they were able to connect with us on a personal level. We may not have all lived the same exact stories but we somehow still share similar stories of pain and hardships.

“Individually we’re impressive, but together we’re unstoppable”

I think the biggest take away form this for me is knowing that I am not alone. I have my struggles and deep, dark rooted issues but listening to these powerful women share what they’ve gone though reminded me that I am not alone in this. No matter what struggles I’ve gone through and still going though, I will be able to push through as time progresses. We can rise, persevere and stand in our power, despite any hardships, struggles or pain.

They also took us to church at the workshop when reggae gospel artiste Kevin Downswell sang praises with us and reminded us to find strength in the Lord until receiving our breakthrough. What a powerful, uplifting and strengthening day of excellence ♥


The moment I found out the theme for the workshop was ‘Bold in Black’ I knew I had the perfect dress. I wore a mermaid silhouette dress from Muehleder and it was a hit! Though my love for a classic black dress runs very deep in general, this one, is definitely a current favorite! A big part of the reason why I am so obsessed with it is because it combines an uber-feminine & sexy silhouette with a clean, polished and structured shape.

To complete my look, I added a pair of black mules by Ted Baker, dangling earrings and a small, structured bag. Finishing touch? A RED LIP of course! Because I absolutely love how classic red lipstick dresses up any black look while adding a touch of glamour and sophistication!

If you missed the We Inspire Women Events and you’re interested in attending in 2018, follow their social media pages for updates [@weinspire_women_girls]. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

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all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee we-inspire-women-brunch-jamaica-muehleder-made-you-look-dress-brunch-natashaleeds-stylishleall-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee we-inspire-women-brunch-jamaica-muehleder-made-you-look-dress-brunch-natashaleeds-stylishlewe-inspire-women-brunch-jamaica-muehleder-made-you-look-dress-brunch-natashaleeds-stylishleall-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee we-inspire-women-brunch-jamaica-muehleder-made-you-look-dress-brunch-natashaleeds-stylishleall-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee all-black-on-black-bodycon-fitted-bandage-midi-flare-dress-natashaleeds-stylishlee we-inspire-women-brunch-jamaica-muehleder-made-you-look-dress-brunch-natashaleeds-stylishle


  1. August 31, 2017 / 1:45 pm

    I am in love with your dress! I’m sorry that I missed this event though, hopefully next year 🙂