How to Tie a Turban-Part 1

The Top Knot Bun Turban

turban and headscarf tutorial

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It’s been a while since I rocked a turban but whenever I do I get tons of request asking for a pictorial on how to achieve it. Now, I love this style for several different reasons…not only is the turban an ethnic, creative fashion piece but its also a quick alternative to make a style out of a bad hair day. For that reason, I have quite a few bright and patterned scarves reserved for my lazy or bad hair days.

Although it may be too hot in Jamaica to wear a scarf wrapped around my neck…it is however a brilliant solution to wear one around your head. Scarves and turbans are great ways to add a stylish accessory to your natural hairstyle.

Quick Tip: Make sure your scarf or turban is made of 100% satin to ensure that the material does not snag the hairline OR wear a satin bonnet beneath the scarf of choice.

Below is a step-by-step guide to tying the perfect turban using a lightweight scarf.

My Go-To-Turban

headscarf outfit

Begin by pulling all of your hair forward into a large bun or puff. The bun/puff is what you will use to guide you when you are wrapping the scarf around your head.

Jamaican Natural Hair Blogger

Your choice of scarf is up to you, but I personally prefer using a rectangular scarf to achieve this particular turban style. If you are using a very large scarf, start by folding your scarf in half lengthwise or if the scarf is already the perfect size start by just holding up the scarf lengthwise.

how to tie a scarf

Line up the center of the fold with the base of your head and pull the scarf forward. Hold the front of the scarf securely.

turban tutorial

Next begin twisting the scarf as if you are putting your hair into a bun. Twist at least mid-way down the scarf.

how to tie a turban

As you are twisting you should begin wrapping it around the base of the bun, and just keep wrapping and twisting. When you get to the end, tuck the loose ends of the scarf under the twist to secure and hide.

How to tie a headscarf

TADA!!! & thats all there to it. Jamaican Natural Hair Blogger

Here’s a Quick Breakdown

How to tie a headscarf Pictorial

A Visit To Grandma’s House

You know I still had to squeeze in my OOTD. My dress, cross-body bag, flats, earings and the scarf were all thirfted and came up to less than $50 USD #STEAL. When thrifting always spend the time look out for hidden gems. I always make sure my schedule is free when going to the thrift store, therefore I have enough time to look thoroughly for something hidden in the racks and piles of clothing. Headscarf Fashion


  1. mischy
    November 11, 2014 / 2:28 pm

    great post. question: cud you suggest a few places in Jamaica to find satin scarves or material to do a turban?. thank you

    • November 11, 2014 / 9:13 pm

      Ofcourse….my go to place for scarves id House of Styles in Fairview, Montego Bay since thats where I live, but Kgn also has a House of Styles and they also carry lots of lightweight scarves. OH AND XTRAS in KGN has loads of lovely scarves