How to dress in Fifty Shades of GREY

50 shades of grey inspired outfitWith all of the commotion centered around 50 Shades of Grey, I’m sure plenty of you were either standing in line for hours waiting on the movie door to open OR you were rolling your eyes waiting for the ‘Grey’ frenzy to go away. Well guess what, I joined in on all the buzz and all week I have worn ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ inspired outfits. Now wait, wait, wait…it’s not what you’re thinking lol there were no whips, plugs or leather cuffs involved, instead my inspiration came from his name and the color ‘Grey.

Now, I’ve always found grey to be a fashion staple because it’s the perfect balance between blacks hardness and whites sometimes impractical brightness. More recently, I’ve been thinking of the color grey and fifty different ways to wear it, so today I’ll be sharing with you a few outfits all centered around a ‘Grey’ scale color palette. It might be impossible to actually incorporate 50 different shades of grey into one outfit but sticking to a grey scale palette from head to toe is close enough.

Monochromatic Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey FashionOkay so clearly the books and the movie 50 Shades of Grey have nothing to actually do with the color grey but one of the easiest ways to interpret the book is to rock a monochromatic grey outfit. When wearing all grey playing with silhouette is super important so you don’t look depressing like a big grey rain cloud (even though I find much beauty in rain clouds).  I centered this look around a mini, slip dress, layered over a very feminine floral blazer to give it some depth and paired it with caged booties for interesting detail.

Monochromatic Grey Outfit Details HERE

Grey & Leather

Fifty shades of grey ootdI couldn’t do a a Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfit without a little leather involved. Leather screams sexy and after reading or watching Mr. Grey, you’re left with a feeling of sexiness. The dark coat is super easy to throw on and gives the outfit a dark and mysterious look and balances out the simple grey blouse against the sexy mini leather skirt. To complete the look I went with some super sky high heels for added height and I accessorized with some cuff bracelets just to play along with the theme of the movie.

Grey & Leather Outfit Details HERE

Max-In Out the Grey

Grey Slip DressHow could I go grey without including a Maxi dress option. Everything about this full-length grey-silver slip dress is effortless. The sleek silhouette of the dress hugs my body in all the right places and looks and feels comfortable while still being completely glam.

Max-In Out In Grey Outfit Details HERE

Mr. Grey Meets Ballet

White Tutu FashionMr. Grey is all about pushing boundaries and making statements with work, his lady and most notably the bedroom. I opted to push the boundaries a bit by wearing a tutu skirt which added an unexpected and girly way to make a statement because it far from matches this man’s dominant, dark, and hard personality. Perhaps you could wear this look to lunch with Mr. Grey to help lighten up the mood thanks to all the girlyness from wearing a really ‘swishy’ skirt. I went the more classic route and tucked in a classic polo shirt into the skirt and topped off the look by adding some sleek slip-on high heeled sandals for a sweet look with a sexy twist.

Mr. Grey Meets Ballet Outfit Details HERE

Grey Pattern Play

Fifty Shades of Grey Outfit For this look I’m really playing up print on print on print combos that you can get away with in a neutral monotone outfit. So we are definitely mixing things up or Mr. Grey by combining a mix of geometric patterns. Stripes, grid print and plaid are all included in this outfit, and although it sounds confusing it looks visually appealing because all the pieces of the outfit fall within the same color palette. My ‘caged’ booties completed my mash up of prints outfit.

Grey Pattern Play Outfit Details HERE

Cool & Casual Grey

50 shades of grey outfitHere I went for a casual-comfy option that you could possibly wear to run some errands. The grey sweatshirt is super easy to throw on which gives it an effortless-casual feel and the PJ inspired pants helps stick with the very chill vibe I was going for. To complete the look I added a cool and super comfortable sneaker wedge along with my winged sunnies for an edgy look.

Cool & Casual Grey Outfit Details HERE

Grey Glam

fifty shades of grey fashionFinally, I’m pulling out an oldie but goodie. I had to also add in my fancy, satin midi-dress. Perfect for all the charity events and gala’s you have to attend with Mr. Grey. The opulence of the silver-grey dress did all the talking for me, paired with some holographic heels for just a touch more of glamour and to finish off the look I went with a metal clutch and a chain belt (similar to his cable ties…)

Grey Glam Outfit Details HERE

How to Dress in Fifty Shades of GREY

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-series that I created this week. It was fun wearing GREY in all of it’s FIFTY different SHADES all week. It challenged me a bit and I want to put you up for the challenge too. I want YOU to recreate one of my looks and use the hashtag #StylishLeeGREY so I can see all of your beautiful outfits on Instagram, and Twitter.  Talk soon loves. XO Natasha ♥