How to Dress for Fall in Warm Climates

Sylishlee Fall Essentials As much as we all love the sun and wearing short-shorts, tank tops and mini-skirts, we all know every fashion-savvy gal is always ready for the drama of fall. Don’t get me wrong—swimsuits, sandals, and shorts are all fun to wear, but they’re no match for the level of style that comes with the fall season. Now I know, I know…Fall Fashion and Island Gal doesn’t exactly equate well, since we don’t particularly see fall like others do. I mean, here in Jamaica it’s not nearly cold enough to wear a complete fall outfit, and just thinking about chunky knits and multiple layers is making me sweat. See its WAY too hot here to start piling on trench coats or leather jackets, and this is coming from someone who is obsessed with knit sweaters and laced-up booties.

From what I do know, you guys start whipping out warmer clothes in September whereas in Jamaica we just throw on a lightweight, sweater when it gets cool not cold. Here in the tropics we experience a warm climate all year round (Yes! It’s still nice and warm in Jamaica), but just because our temperatures are warm, it doesn’t mean we need to miss out on the fabulous fall trends altogether. With a little creativity, we too can embrace the best of fall without breaking a sweat (literally). It’s all about adapting the trends.

So for my readers, who live in places where it will be a long time before the temperatures drop, here are some tips on how you can embrace fall even though it is still hot where you live.

How to take advantage of falls fashion trends

without giving yourself heatstroke.

1. Wear the Colors of Fall in Summer Weight Fabric

Shades of Fall

What easier way to get fall ready than by simply incorporating the richness of our favorite fall colors. Go ahead and trade in those summery garden fresh shades for richer jewel tones. Think deeper-darker colors while sticking to light weight fabrics, like cotton and silk blends. Fall hues guarantee drama, especially when used monochromatically.

Disclaimer: This does NOT mean that you can’t wear bright colors in the Fall/Winter seasons, I am only suggesting the general colors for fall are usually much richer.

General Fall Colors: Gold, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Plum, Oxblood, Onyx-Black, Brown, Grey, Dark Blues, Green and Purples, Earth Tones or Neutrals.

Jewel TonesNeutrals

Fall 2014 Trending Colors: Radiant Orchid, Bright Cobalt, Royal Blue, Sangria, Aurora Red, Cognac, Cypress, Aluminum, Mauve Mist, Misted Yellow

Patone Colors

2. Rock Falls Favorite Prints [Plaid & Animal Print]

Both Plaid and Animal print maintained a strong presence on the Fall 2014 runways, which left many of us celebrating the return of traditional prints. Plaid and Animal Print are trends that can never fade away and can forever live in a woman’s wardrobe. Although these classic prints dates back hundreds of years they have remained relevant thanks to new and creative spins on each print. 

Either print can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe (just start off simple and pair it with solid colors). This season look for sleek and classic pieces like an animal print midi skirt or dress or a plaid shirt or plaid trousers. If either of these prints are just too bold for you then opt for accessories with hints of plaid or animal print, like a handbag, belt or shoe.

& if you happen to be a fashion risk taker, you can satisfy your daring side by mixing both plaid and animal print.

3. Change your handbag

A sleek, on-trend handbag can transform an outfit into something special with a quick sling over the shoulder, whether it’s paired with casual jeans and a tee, work attire or a sexy dress.  The magic of a structured bag is its ability to instantly elevate anything you’re wearing.  So this fall, seek out a structured handbag (extra points if you opt for one in a fall color I mentioned earlier).

4. Swap out Knitwear-Sweaters for a Luxe Sweatshirt

What better way to look effortlessly chic than with a Fall layering style staple: The Luxe Sweatshirt is a comfortable staple to any fall wardrobe and in fabrics like cotton you can easily look fall ready minus the warmth. You can either go with the classic luxe sweatshirt which will stand the test of time and trends or if you like cheeky sayings choose a sweatshirt with hard-to-miss graphics (it’s the perfect conversation starter; just let your sweatshirt do all the talking for you). Pair yours with slick jeans, or step it up with a leather skirt or shorts and your fave ankle booties.

5. Substitute a Trench-coat for a Lightweight Blazer

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wear a trench-coat in Jamaica and I hope it’s nothing I will ever see in my lifetime lol. But hey if you happen to be like me and wish it would get cool enough some days to wear a trench-coat then try out a Long-line Blazer. Its much lighter in weight but similar in length like the trench-coat, plus it flatters just about any body type, from petite to pear to extra tall. Just throw the blazer over a graphic tee or silk button-up for an effortlessly put-together look — now you’ve found your new fave staple in your layering arsenal.

If the Blazer is still too warm to wear where you live then choose a sleeveless jacket/blazer or go with a longline vest as an effective ways to layer in the heat. So, whether you rock either of these options with a short skirt or denim pants, any one of these blazers is a sure sartorial hit.

6. Stick to Lightweight Leather

WHAT IS FALL WITHOUT LEATHER??? Leather is a fall must have no matter where you’re from. Believe me, wearing leather in warm climates doesn’t mean you’ll be toasty; the latest designs are as varied as the women who wear them. Thanks to emerging fashion breakthroughs we can seek out lightweight leathers nearly as weightless as silk. So if you want to be fall ready go with a lightweight leather jacket. & hey! if you think it’s still too hot to wear a leather jacket, try a pair of leather shorts or a skirt instead. Last but not least, if that’s still too hot for your liking then try wearing partial leather. You can ease into wearing the trend by choosing items with leather sleeves, trim or insets mixed with another fabric.

7. Wear sneakers, ballet flats or loafers

Unlike other places where summer is more than halfway over we still have the option to wear sandals or any other open toe shoe.

Fall shoe wear is all about comfort to the max, so it was a natural choice for me to start off with sneakers since its the perfect shoe for the “girl on the go”. Sneakers have always been a comfortable fashion staple for the gal looking for both functionality and the right aesthetic. But thanks to French designer Isabel Marant who introduced us to the hidden wedge sneaker, our gals who only wear heels can now rock the sneaker trend. From athletic runners to hidden wedges, sneakers are not only the latest must-have shoe but also perfect for those of us with warm Fall/Winter seasons.

Loafers and flats are the ultimate transitional piece. If worn in moody colors, animal prints, rich suede and heavy-duty materials, you’ll be ready to take on fall without having sweaty feet.

8. Try ankle booties

Ankle boots for fall are clearly a no-brainer. By pairing ankle booties with skirts, shorts or even your denim pants, you can easily get into the fall spirit without getting ‘hot feet’.

[If you happen to be like a few of my friends who typically thinks anyone who wears any sort of boot in Jamaica must be crazy then you can always stick with sneakers, flats or loafers.]

I hope you enjoyed the read. Until next time…XOXO NATASHA

Nuff Love ♥

Remember to always stay StylishLee dressed.


  1. Cristallina
    October 22, 2014 / 2:12 pm

    Absolutely love the recomendations;regardless of the fact that i am an “island gal”,i’ve always been a sucker for seasons and trends;fall is one of my favorite! There are so many ways we can play with fall like trends to suit our warm climate and not look ridiclous. My favorite fall pieces are blazers, sweater tops and dresses and low cut boats in the darker shades.It’s evident you put a lot of thought into this, great work Natasha! #FallInspiration #GreatRead

    • October 24, 2014 / 10:46 am

      THank you so much love. I really appreciate the feedback and Im so happy that you enjoyed the read. I love boots lol

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    • November 11, 2014 / 10:11 am

      THank you love… hugs and kisses from me to you