REVIEW ¦ Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner


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Okay, it’s probably safe to say that most people are familiar with the Herbal Essences brand and more specifically their Hello Hydration Conditioner! This particular conditioner has been my go-to cowashing conditioner since the end of time, literally! I have been using this conditioner from my days of having relaxed hair and now with natural hair I still pull for this conditioner a few times a month.

I think ever since I started this blog I promised a review but somehow I never did get around to it because well—almost every natural gal I know out there has used this conditioner and either really loves it or really hates it. I personally happen to be one of the lovers of this conditioner because it does exactly what it claims to do and that’s leaving your hair moisturized, silky, smooth and manageable.

Now I must admit, I haven’t been co-washing with this conditioner as often as I used to because I have since discovered a few staple conditioners that contain much better ingredients for my hair, but best believe I always have this conditioner on deck at home.


It is a very affordable conditioner which is perfect if you happen to be a gal with lots of hair, is heavy handed with products or cowashes very often. I mean, you can get a 10oz bottle for under $5.00 and a 33oz bottle for under $10.00. HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT!!! It can also be found at just about every drugstore and beauty supply store out there, making it very accessible as well. #SCORE

The packaging of the bottle is very fuctional. The bottle has a gentle curve that fits to the curves of your hand, making it easier to hold and squeeze product out. The bottle also sits on its top, so the conditioner is settled at the bottom just waiting to be squeezed out.  

All in all I think the Hello Hydration conditioner performs really good for a drugstore conditioner. Herbal Essences made some product claims and I honestly think this conditioner lives up to those claims. It leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth and hydrated. I may not use this conditioner as often as I once did but that doesn’t mean I like it any less. It’s actually still one of the conditioners I recommend to anyone in search of an effective, affordable and moisturizing conditioner with lots of slip. It’s definitely a good conditioner for my gals (& guys) who don’t mind using products that are not 100% all-natural but gets the damn job done!


  • Super Affordable
  • Very Accessible (can be found almost anywhere)
  • The Hawaiian coconut and orchid scent is divine
  • Functional packaging
  • Comes in several sizes (travel size, 10oz bottle, 23.7oz bottle, and 33.8oz. bottle)
  • Can be used as a co-wash
  • Creamy consistency
  • Gives amazing slip making it an incredible detangler


  • Not 100% natural. Contains fragrances, alcohol and other chemicals

Are you a lover or a hater of the Hello Hydration Conditioner by Herbal Essences? Leave a comment below. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥