54 and Jamaican to the Core! Happy Independence Day JamRock!

Jamaica-independence-day-outfit-head-wrap-queen-turban-black-midi-bodycon-dress-stylishlee-natashaleedsHey! Wassup! Hello!

Shouting Happy Independence Day to JAMAICA!!!

Today, August 6th, marks Jamaica’s 54th year of independence from British rule. Today acts as a time to reflect on our journey as a nation while celebrating the achievements of our people and country.

Now I know my country is far from perfect but what country is? Like other countries in the world economic and social ills prevail. Nonetheless I don’t want to spend this post writing about the hardships we are faced with—atleast not today. Instead I want us all to celebrate how far we have come as a nation, both at home and abroad. Jamaica may indeed be small but our cultural dominance world wide makes this small island a mighty force. I know we are still going through growing pains but I have hope for a better future for my country, my Jamaica, my home.


This year, Jamaica’s Independence Day falls on the weekend. As such we celebrated a day earlier at the Re/Max Elite office in Montego Bay. Myself and my fellow coworkers stepped through our office doors proudly wearing black, green and gold throughout our outfits. I personally went with a mostly all black outfit and wore my countries colors on my head. I rocked a beautiful ‘Jah Love’ head wrap from London Ivy as my way of showing my love for Jamaica.

Jamaica will forever be the place I call home. There is absolutely no place in the world where I’d rather live. My life several months from now may be changing quite a bit, but change is good sometimes right? I will be pushing myself far outside my comfort zone for some time but I will return home no matter what. Home is where the heart is and my home is and forever will be Jamaica. Jamaica is not just where I live but a place I belong to ♥

I wish for all Jamaicans, at home and in the diaspora, a happy and rewarding Independence Day. Lets continue to look to the future and continue to inspire others on a global scale and uphold the legacy of JamRock. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

Happy Independence – Out of Many One People

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Jamaica-independence-day-outfit-head-wrap-queen-turban-black-midi-bodycon-dress-stylishlee-natashaleedsJamaica-independence-day-outfit-head-wrap-queen-turban-black-midi-bodycon-dress-stylishlee-natashaleeds Jamaica-independence-day-outfit-head-wrap-queen-turban-black-midi-bodycon-dress-stylishlee-natashaleeds Jamaica-independence-day-outfit-head-wrap-queen-turban-black-midi-bodycon-dress-stylishlee-natashaleeds

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  1. Afayah Prendergast
    August 9, 2016 / 9:32 am

    I love this! GREAT POST!