Happy New Year! Welcome to my 31 Day Detox


Hello & Happy New Year ♥

Every year I make my new year resolutions and by month 3 into the new year (sometimes even earlier) I drop them one by one. This year I’m doing something a little different. I’m creating more attainable, small scale commitments and not large scale goals that I never complete or follow through with.

The goal is to complete one item on the list every day but in no particular order. If you plan on joining me on this little ‘new year, new me’ detox, you can tackle each of these tasks in which ever way suits you and your schedule best. Now, I’m not making it a point of duty to finish every one of these items on the list at once or to start over just because I missed one. Thats one of the reasons I never stick to my resolutions, I fail at one thing and immediately self doubt sets in and I feel like I’ve completely fallen off track. With this 31 day challenge, even if I complete some of these tasks it would mean I still made major strides towards myself, my goals, and my career.


31 Day Challenge, 1 Task Per Day

  1. Wake up earlier
  2. Don’t open Instagram today
  3. Prepare for the morning the night before
  4. Keep and use an agenda or planner
  5. Abandon toxic relationships and unfollow negative people or pages on social media
  6. Have a bubble bath
  7. Exercise
  8. Start reading a new book
  9. Declutter digital life [Delete apps on your phone you haven’t used in the last month]
  10. Watch a new series or comedy
  11. Update resume and media kits [bloggers]
  12. Figure out your monthly budget
  13. Cook a healthy meal
  14. Smile with everyone you come across today
  15. Find somewhere quiet to meditate for 15 mins
  16. No complaints day
  17. No social media until lunch
  18. Send a few ‘touch base’ emails to at least 5 friends, past clients, coworkers etc.
  19. Declutter your space [clean your closet]
  20. Don’t buy anything for 24 hours
  21. Go for a walk OUTSIDE
  22. Plan a GNO and don’t talk anything negatively about any other woman. Positive vibes only!
  23. Evaluate your last 5 purchases. Were they worth it?
  24. Visit your favorite spot in the city you live
  25. Write down things you are thankful for
  26. Go on a drive alone & listen to your fave playlist
  27. Take yourself out to lunch/dinner
  28. Do yoga or stretch for 15 mins
  29. Take a nap
  30. Plan a future trip
  31. Unsubscribe from 3-5 newsletters
  32. Identify 3-6 main priorities and write them down in order of importance. Read it at the end of the year

& there you have it…31 (I mean 32) actions I plan to complete over the month of January. Please let me know if you plan on completing any of these tasks this month and also share what your top 3 new years resolutions are. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

Cheers to 2018!

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  1. January 1, 2018 / 1:35 am

    Hello and Happy New Year Natasha! Nuff Love! Cheers! Good Morning! Tell ya later!

  2. Camille
    January 1, 2018 / 9:35 pm

    Happy New year doll. I will be taking a page from your book I think small attainable goals are the way to go

  3. January 2, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Happy New Year, Natasha!
    These are all great resos.
    No social media till lunch is definitely one rule I should adopt!

    • January 4, 2018 / 9:17 pm

      Happy New Year! Yes! We live in our phones so every once in a while we need to also detach ourselves from it, even if it is for a few hours.

  4. January 6, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    This 31-day detox sounds like something I need to abide by this year. I need a change of lifestyle. My three primary goals this year is to talk less, observe more, increase my saving account, and to focus on my spiritual needs and less on my fleshly wants. Hopefully, by the end of 2018, I will notice a difference in the way I think and carry myself. Love your blog, keep up the excellent work.

    • January 6, 2018 / 4:19 pm

      Germina, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your goals because two of them are major for me to stick to as well…observe more and to SAVE!!! I think as long as we are able to uphold these values and push towards our goals we will be able to see a difference in both ourselves and our bank account at the end of the year! xoxo

  5. Nice K
    January 16, 2018 / 11:46 am

    Incredible how i beleive i have done all this since the year started but just never wrote it down.You are my twin sis in another lifetime i tell you👋🏾 Im sooo down with this program!!

  6. Nice K
    January 16, 2018 / 11:48 am

    So first im gonna tweet this then write mines down 😍

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