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Hey StyleLeeders!!!!! Thank God It’s Freakn Friday!!!♥

grid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfitFun things are happening this weekend, and if you have no idea why I’m saying this then I promise you that some time tomorrow you will or should figure it out lol. So fall has officially started and I’m opening the season with one of my favorite prints of all time—Grid Prints. In case you have no idea what grid prints are then think of it as a bolder alternative to your go-to gingham, plaid, or stripes. Still not getting it? Then think about the window pane in your home. Still not getting it? Okay think side by side squares…Got it? YES…NO? Oh heck just scroll down and look at my top in the pics lol.

Can we just talk about how effortlessly chic this top is? I don’t know why but for some reason it just looks so chic without being too overwhelming. Crazily enough it’s not just the cut and make of the top either but more so the actual print. Gosh I just love me some grid prints and I’m really digging this grid print top for fall. Can you tell I’m already planning on wearing it a few more times before the year ends? Yup, I seriously think I’ll be wearing this top at least once a month for the remainder of the year, or unless I grow tired of it somehow (highly unlikely). I surprisingly don’t even have any tops with this pattern so this is actually a pretty awesome and timeless addition to my wardrobe. SCORE!!!

grid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfitNow I got my Grid Print top from Boohoo a few months ago and I’ve finally decided to take it out from hiding for fall. I didn’t want to take away from the beauty and boldness of the prints so I stayed away from adding pops of color and excessive/statement jewelry. In my opinion geometric prints already make quite a statement and I’m a firm believer in less is more so of course I chose the timeless color combo of black and white to stick to. I stayed monochromatic by pairing my black & white grid print blouse with my black textured faux-snake skin pants. I sort of wanted to also keep the concept of shapes so the metal hardware on my angular bag, the straps on my sandals, and the powerful hit of striped and block prints of the blouse all added a bit of geometry to the look.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! I most definitely will be enjoying mine, haha! **wink wink**

Talk Very Soon, Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

♦ Sandals HERE  ♦ Pants HERE ♦ Grid Print Top, Similar HERE  ♦ Structured Tote, HERE grid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfitgrid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfitgrid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfitgrid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfit grid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfit grid-print-window-pane-print-outfit-fashion-black-and-white-outfit


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  1. cristsllina
    September 25, 2015 / 4:41 pm

    Effortlessly stunning! I admire you and your sense style so much……

    PS: That top and that bag I’ve been eyeing for sometime now. When you’re ready for my address let me know. LOL