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Hello Loves, as promised I will be posting my weekend outfits throughout the week. First on the agenda is what I actually wore to the hotel. Whipping out the denim on denim…a trend I love, especially when the denim is close to matching, its even more perfect. I think the light wash denim was perfect for my day look heading to the hotel, its casual and chic yet super comfortable and cool. I paired it with my favourite Cat-Eye Sunnies, along with the most amazing pair of vegan leather gladiator sandals!

The sandals are local and thats why its of even more importance to me. I’m always so proud of the talent from my country and always willing to support. As I walked through the Hotel Lobby at Riu, I was stopped several times by tourist zooming through the lobby trying check me and my sandals out while they were checking in lol. People just wanted to know where they came from and I proudly said ‘made in Jamaica’. The designers name is Amita Webb and you can find these sandals HERE.

I hope you find some inspiration from this look! Try out the all denim trend. You may surprise yourself 🙂 I hope everyone is having an AMAZING week so far!! See you tomorrow for another outfit post from my weekend vacay.

As Always…Nuff Love. XO Natasha ♥