Floral Comfort

floral-maxi-skirt-purple-outfit-stylishleeHey loves…Happy FriYAY!!! I know in my last post I suggested that I may take a break from StylishLee but I recieved so much supportive feedback from you guys and it seriously made me realize just how much you all mean to me, and perhaps how much I mean to you. That said, by about mid-week I told myself that I just couldn’t leave you hanging dry this week so I’ve decided to share a few pics with you of an outfit I wore quite some time ago but it never did make it to the blog.

My friends invited me for lunch by the beach a few months back and that particular day happened to be one of those perfectly beautiful days where I could have easily stayed outside by the sea all day! Typically when I go to the beach I almost always wear denim shorts just because it’s always so scorching hot here in JamRock. On this particular morning I was feeling quite girly, so I went with a pink and purple combination paired with cute, sequin, pink sandals to top it off.

jamaican-fahsion-blogger-natural-hair-blogger-curly-hairBy the time I actually got to the beach I was sort of happy I went with a maxi skirt rather than denim shorts like I initially planned. Mostly because my legs were protected from sand flies (I hate them more than mosquitoes, ugh). Somehow I managed to make an entrance that grabbed everyone’s attention (anxiety level 2). As I made my way down to the beach the lovely sea breeze caused my eye-catching maxi skirt to sway from side to side. Sounds beautiful, YES! & I’m sure it looked beautiful too. I also wish I caught that on camera. BUT…I get very awkward when all the attention is focused on me and there were tons of tourist just smiling and staring in awe as I made my now awkward strides down to the beach (anxiety level 7).

The beautiful print of the floral maxi skirt was the focal point of my outfit so I kept everything else relatively simple and within the same color scheme. This left me with an ethereally romantic look that was a little dressy but suitable for the beach. Now, I’m all in for a romantic look but then there was also a carriage parked on the beach and after snapping maybe 5 or so pics, there were tourist lining up asking to take pics with me on the carriage (ANXIETY LEVEL 10).  I was completely flattered but you know your home-girl was ready to go home at this point lol (this is why I have so little pics from this day, I couldn’t manage the attention).

Well Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my last posts, and I also appreciate those of you who took the time out to send me emails. Thank YOU so much! Please do enjoy your weekend & please stay stay. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

♦ Sequin Pink Sandals, Similar HERE ♦ Lilac Top ‘Guess’, Similar HERE ♦ Floral Skirt ‘Forever 21’, Similar HERE ♦ Sunnies ‘Steve Madden’ HERE

floral-maxi-skirt-purple-outfit-stylishlee floral-maxi-skirt-purple-outfit-stylishlee


  1. cristsllina
    September 11, 2015 / 2:03 pm

    Lol, this is effortlessly beautiful and I love the fact that you opted for a basic T instead of a strappy or tank. Classic always captivates and that’one of the elements that your defines your style.

    I didn’t see the previous post nor the comments but I would like to agree with them. Unless it’s interfering with more important aspects of your life don’t break. Your blog is meaningful and I’ve learnt so much since you started.

    Yuh need fi see all when me a try copy your styles LoL.

    It’s a great platform honey, your efforts aren’t going unnoticed. And there are great opportunities that lies within. Don’t break out of the habit, even if it’s once or twice per month. Don’t worry about boring your viewers, I’m sure they appreciate and look forward to your posts. I know I do 🙂

    Have a great weekend mami!

  2. cristsllina
    September 11, 2015 / 2:05 pm

    *that’s one of the elements that defines your.

    My keypad tryna set me up! Lol

  3. September 12, 2015 / 12:25 pm

    This outfit is literally everything and you still wonder why you were breaking necks instead of tuning heads, lol!? Am glad you posted Miss Lee, couldn’t wait to see the post and as always am super inspired! Your hair and MakeUp be on fleek!!!!