In Honor of Spring

IMG_9772Yipeeeeee….It’s Friday & it’s also the first day of SPRING! Okay so it’s always warm here, but I’m excited for the rest of you out there because warmer days are in the horizon for you. So fingers crossed for no more snow days and for bright, warm days with a lovely cool breeze. Sounds good right? Don’t worry…be patient my friends because before you know it, it will be summer and we’ll all be complaining about the scorching sun and the dreadful humidity lol.

So for today’s flashback, I’m taking you back to a year ago, when I was obsessed with everything floral. I’m not so much into the floral headbands anymore (partly because my hair is now so big the headbands refuse to stay on) but it’s spring and we all associate the spring time with the blossoming of flowers. My dress is actually from a local designer here in Jamrock—Jami Lake. I wanted everything about this look to coordinate so I paired this beautiful dress with with pieces in the same shade range as the dress. The royal blue statement necklace, the lime green floral headband, and the teal wedges all helped to further pull out the various shades of greens, blues and purples found in the dress.

IMG_9793 - CopyIMG_9775 IMG_9799