Faux Leather


Woohooooo! Happy Friday my loves ♥

So leather skirts have been on trend for a couple years now and I couldn’t be happier about it because I’ve always gravitated towards faux leather. It’s a material that can be worn so many ways over the different seasons; lightweight enough for summer weather yet perfect for fall as well.  Major points for transitional power…right?! & whats even better is how easy it actually is to style. In the past we would relate leather to tough, biker inspired looks, but now with several softer leather options anyone can pull off a leather look.


I actually dressed down my leather skirt, and went for a very sporty-casual-easy going look. No worries though, very soon this skirt will be repeated again and again for countless seasons to come. I suppose I could tie this look into a past BLOG POST I did on my love for graphic-tee’s when I have errands to run. I always seek style and comfort in one and that’s what this look embodies. Now I’ve said this way more times than I should but whenever everyone is obsessing over fall-winter trends and exclaiming their excitement to dress up for winter, I sit and wish for cooler days so I can do that too. It was a windy day when I wore this outfit, so you know I had to take full advantage of the opportunity. Lightweight, Knee High Socks and a Lightweight Cardigan to get my fall inspired look started. Initially I did have on boots lol but what was I thinking lol haha, so midway through my day I switched them out for some comfier tennis shoes. I did however choose shoes in the same color of the socks because it helps give off the illusion that my legs are way longer than they actually are. ahh the struggles of a shorty lol…

Enjoy the photos and have an awesome weekend loves.

I love you like XO Natasha ♥

faux leather- stylishlee

stylishlee faux leather

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