Blush Pink

Stylishlee PastelsIt’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday…Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend. LOL who remembers that song haha. I hope you’re all well and excited for the weekend like am. Tomorrow one of my childhood friends will be getting married and I am so excited to attend her wedding and more importantly I’m so excited for her to start this new chapter of her life. & don’t worry I plan on doing outfit posts of the wedding.

I went up to one of my fave villas here in Montego Bay and while there I had to take some shots. The weather was just perfect and although it was a pretty cloudy day, there was just the right of amount of sun peaking through. I wore a monochrome pretty in pink, pastel outfit. Yes I know we are all going into our cooler/colder months and winter somehow calls for deeper hues and gem inspired shades, however I say we should speak to our sweeter side and opt for cotton candy colors like my blush pink outfit. & I love pastel colours like blush pink because they scream youthfulness and femininity all in one. Now  I do know that pastels usually go hand in hand with the Spring-Summer seasons but why wait for the warmer months to roll around when you can stand out from the crowd dressed in black right now. So I hope you didn’t put your pastel options away in storage just yet and if you have, I’m challenging you to dust them off and pull them back out this season.

Let me know how you feel about wearing pastels in the fall. Tweet me @stylishleeds and show me your pastel inspired fall outfit. Love you guys. Talk Very Soon. XO Natasha ♥

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If you want to try out the pastel trend, please view the slideshow below which contains similar pieces to my outfit. ♥