Expletives [How to wear a Graphic-Tee]


I am simply obsessed with the Slang Teez LINCOLN Tee (Just $18!!!!) and I can’t wait to wear it over and over and over and ov…well you get the point. Right? lol. I mean not only is it a pretty awesome looking shirt but it’s also a pretty fashionable filthy shirt thanks to the bold expletive coming out of President Lincolns mouth. For my people who aren’t quite sure what ‘BOMBOCL#%T’ represents its actually “a common Jamaican expletive” that is used in either extremes of excitement or sadness or vexation at a person.” So you see why I love this Tee so much??? No I don’t have a filthy mouth…(Or DO I? lol ) But seriously the shirt hits close to home and I love that!

So YES! Graphic Tees are everywhere right now, especially on the street scene and its a trend that everyone including myself is loving right now. Graphic Tees are affordable and they are also amazingly versatile; for women of all sizes and can easily take an outfit from day to night. Oh and you know what else is pretty cool about a graphic top??? If you’re having a case of “I have nothing to wear’ a graphic tee can help solve that. By being a little creative you can take this wardrobe staple way beyond the classic jeans and a t shirt look.


How you look in a Graphic Tee depends entirely on what you pair it with. Now don’t get me wrong there ain’t nothing at all wrong with a shirt and casual pair of denim pants or jeans shorts…heck I wear that all the time lol. But…if you want to step your fashion game up just a little I suggest you rock a graphic tee as part of a more put together fashionable outfit.

A graphic t-shirt paired with  jeans is the everyday weekend outfit that we’ve all worn before & that’s exactly what I wore today with a few extra add-on’s. I took this basic look to the next level by layering on-top a tuxedo style, sequin vest as a fun and unexpected way to dress up an otherwise basic jeans and t-shirt look. Although I had a full day of errands I still went with a pair of my fave heels (because I was heading out for a casual night of cocktails after) and paired it with my structured orange bag to add an element of color to the look.  I really love this look! It’s so simple, easy-breezy and fun, and it definitely doesn’t take itself too easily, kinda like me lol.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I want to know your favorite way to wear a graphic tee. Maybe I’ll do a full blog post on different ways to style a graphic tee shirt. Leave a comment below and let me know if this is something that would interest you. Or just tweet me and let me know your thoughts @Stylishleeds

Love you. XO Natasha

Stay StylishLee Dressed. ♥

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IMG_2006♥ Graphic Tee Here ♥ Belt Here ♥ Black Heels Here ♥ Sequin Vest Here ♥ Denim Shorts Here


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    • July 24, 2015 / 2:01 pm

      thats awesome! thank you so much for stopping by! Will have a look see at your blog too. 😉