Doubling up on Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim by Natasha Lee of StylishLeeHello my beautiful StylishLeeders! Happy Happy Saturday! I hope you guys are having a good day so far! I’ve been in Kingston for the past two weeks and I must say it feels so good to be home for the weekend…I just love my little country side and everything little thing it has to offer. Well, Mobay! Mobay! Good to be here…& to top it all off the weather is perfect today. Although quite warm, when I woke up and opened my windows I was greeted by a lovely cool breeze. Warm days here in Jamaica, call for shorts, so when getting ready it was the first thing I picked out. From there I somehow ended up reaching for my old denim jacket I used to wear non-stop in my High School days. So yes! I’m once again living it up in a bit of denim on denim! I just don’t think you can go wrong with a mostly denim outfit, it works with all skin tones, any body type can rock denim and whats better is how it can be incorporated into every single season; warm or cold denim is always an option.

Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds)Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds)Break’n it up with Prints

Sometimes when doubling up on denim your outfit can easily come off flat, especially when both pieces share the same rinse. To help prevent this I added a bit of dimension to my look by breaking it up with prints…animal print that is. I went with my animal print single sole heels along with a matching leopard print cross-body bag and added some richness by wearing a statement chunky gold necklace.

I really am feeling this outfit. Although it’s a simple outfit, it’s super comfy and perfect for the weather here (will be perfect for the upcoming summer months too). It’s so crazy to me how I sometimes struggle picking out an outfit, but when I try less and come up with a pretty simple and casual outfit it always ends up being a fave look of mine. This is definitely one of them.

I hope you guys find some inspiration in this post and I wish you a great weekend. It’s carnival weekend here in Jamaica, so safe raving and jumping to my fellow Jamaicans in Kingston living it up. I’ll be here relaxing on my side of the island watching every moment online via social media lol. Talk soon love bugs. XOXOXO NATASHA ♥

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Denim Jacket Outfit by natashaleeds Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds) Denim on Denim (IG-natashaleeds)


  1. Camille
    April 11, 2015 / 11:19 am

    I just want to know one thing… How do you keep your makeup looking so flawless in that heat? Every time I’m in Jamaica I end up looking a sweaty mess. I have worked for Estée Lauder for MAC and Chanel cosmectics and even with my years of experience I have yet to figure out how to keep my makeup fresh in that Jamaican heat! Needless to say you look terrific love the look nuff love Afrochickcc

    • April 11, 2015 / 2:20 pm

      wait what???? the Estee Lauder didnt hold up to the heat here???? (thats next on my foundation list to try out becasue every one says it literally stays in place) The heat here can get wicked I must admit, and believe me I also struggle with melting makeup every once in while (mostly when trying new products or routines-that fail) but I’m a big big big fan of Everyones fave drugstore foundation Revlon colorstay. I also always set my makeup with powder and setting spray…Oh! and I blot throughout the day because I do get oily. When it starts to get super hot I only wear a very very very thin layer of makeup.

  2. cristallina
    April 11, 2015 / 11:23 am

    What i love about you is your ability to transform any piece of clothing into something beautiful and classy while still maintaining the right amount of edge when necessary. And this is one of the reasons i always look forward to your posts. You have a great sense of style, you define what you wear and not the other way around.You should be a stylist i tell you. “Happy Saturday lovely” oxoxo

    • April 11, 2015 / 2:16 pm

      awww jeeeez thank you so much Crissy. I hope you dont mind me calling you Crissy lol. Wishing you a happy rest of the weekend. xoxoxo

    • April 14, 2015 / 12:21 am

      thank you Georgia. Happy that you stopped by. big hugs and kisses.. xoxoxo