Dining Report: Marguerites ¦ Montego Bay

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewNestled on the infamous Hip Strip, between two night clubs Margaritaville and BlueBeat Jazz & Martini Bar is Marguerites. A small but lovely Caribbean fusion cuisine restaurant offering attentive service, an extensive wine selection, panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, and delicious signature seafood offerings. These combined creates the ultimate 5-star island dining experience on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. It also offers a cozy, intimate setting with low lighting so it’s the perfect restaurant for couples seeking a romantic night having seafood & rich, aromatic wines by the sea.

Okay so the secret is out! I am this years brand ambassador for Restaurant Week Jamaica and as the brand ambassador the first restaurant on my list to visit was Marguerites. There I took with me my parents and their two best friends as a treat for the many years they’ve all had to put up with me and my madness haha! So I found myself sitting in a restaurant that I’ve known all my life but somehow it got lost in the abyss of my memories and I haven’t visited Marguerites in the last 10 years!!! Whats even crazier is that my parents and their friends haven’t visited Marguerites since the 90’s, and we all couldn’t seem to figure out how was it possible for us to have forgotten about this amazing restaurant for so many years. Puzzling.

Today I’m here to shed light on my incredible dining experience at Marguerites in case you too have forgotten about this precious gem by the sea.

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-review dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-review dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewWe opted to sit in the elegantly appointed dining room with walls showcasing the work of local artists. There is also an option to either dine on the patio-style terrace or at the water’s edge but in my opinion, you will be happy no matter where you’re seated because of the relaxing and sophisticated ambiance that prevails at Marguerites.

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewWhile looking through the menu, we were each poured a pairing of Simi Sauvignon Blanc and Ravens Wood Zinfandel. Both are premium wines however I recently learned that the Simi is more of a balanced, classic, delicate and ‘citrusy’ wine that really cuts through the food making it perfect to pair with lighter meals like appetizers or seafood selections. The Red wine on the other hand is a bold and very aromatic wine and because of its rich peppery and dark berry flavors it can easily overpower a meal, so we were suggested to pair the red with our entree selections.

I don’t know much about wines but usually I’m a lover of reds, but after the Sommelier, James Symyrozum explained the differences between the wines he chose for us I surprisingly went with the Simi and I think I found my new favorite wine. Simi Sauvignon Blanc! & James was right, it paired perfectly with my seafood dishes.

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewFor starters I had a coconut pumpkin bisque. A silky textured soup, topped with scotch bonnet scented red peas and crunchy, garlic croutons. After my first bite I immediately realized that this was not just any ordinary pumpkin soup but it was the best, most spectacular pumpkin soup I was about to consume in my entire life. It was velvety smooth, rich and simply divine. I finished my bowl of soup within minutes & I began contemplating whether I wanted another instead of having salad and main course.

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewNext on the agenda, Salad! Caribbean Spiny Lobster Salad to be exact. I love salads and it’s very important for my salads to have texture so I was very impressed that the salad I ordered was not just a plate of lettuce, tomatoes with a few strips of lobster on the side. Instead I received a brightly colored small plate of lettuce and roasted beet, layered with shaved cucumber, butter poached lobster meat and melon salsa which added a delightful sweetness. Oh & drizzled on top was a coconut ginger vinaigrette. The pairing of juicy melon & crunchy vegetables changed things up resulting in a very memorable salad that I can’t wait to try again.

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewdining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewSo I think from now on I’m giving Marguerites the nick name “Flambé”. I had no idea that Marguerites also specialized in flambé dishes so it was quite a treat when the chefs came out and prepared our main courses and desserts right by our table. Our meals were ignited and a once dimly lit dining room was now bright and illuminated from the flames—consider it a sort of built-in form of entertainment!

For main course I went with the ‘Drunken Snapper Carnival’. Drunk Fish? Crazy I know, but the added dash of good ol’ Appleton Rum took my meal to the next level. I was already sipping on the Simi white wine and I’m not one to mix my alcohol but how could I not have a fish entree infused with rum? Oh the temptation! Executive Chef Cecil Jagdeth cooked my ‘drunken snapper’ to perfection and with each bite it was like there was a party going on inside my mouth that I didn’t want to end. Good thing there’s always dessert…

dining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewdining-report-marguerites-restaurant-montego-bay-jamaica-reviewSo for those who don’t know, I have an extreme sweet tooth and the desserts on the menu sounded heavenly so I went with TWO! Greedy Me, haha! First I had the Mango Baileys cheese cake accompanied with toffee cream and then I had a white chocolate, passion fruit, bread pudding with rum & raisin ice cream and finished with strawberry coulis. I know, I know sounds like a lot but I just couldn’t choose.

Want to know a little secret? I was stuffed after I had the lobster salad so I have no clue what the heck I was thinking. Actually I do know what I was thinking. Well clearly I did since I somehow managed to eat my main course and finish two desserts. Good thing I wore a lovely loose-fitting dress because my stomach was 3 times larger than when I first arrived. To see what I wore to dinner click HERE!

We had an enchanting evening at Marguerites. An unexpected gem with fantastic ambiance, good service, divine food and I easily now rate it as one of the finest seafood restaurants on Jamaica’s North Coast. If you are ever in Montego Bay or on the look out for a restaurant that is perfect for either an intimate date, a classy family dinner or for a group of friends, I highly recommend Marguerites. From now on this will be my go-to place for fine dining and I guarantee if you have a visit it will be your too.


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Marguerites is considered to be a pricier restaurant but with today marking the start of Restaurant Week Jamaica I suggest you take advantage of this restaurant ASAP!!! Nuff Love. Talk Soon, Natasha ♥