Dining Report: Majestic Sushi & Grill ¦ Kingston


One would not expect to eat really good Japanese food in Jamaica, however the country’s capital city, Kingston has begun to provide exotic food other than the typical Jamaican eatables and Majestic Sushi & Grill is the proof.

By no means is Majestic centrally located, but this is what I think makes this restaurant so Majestic. It’s like a hidden gem tucked away in the hills, far from the hustle and bustle from the business center of the city. The downside however, is the cost of getting there. If you don’t have your own vehicle a taxi can be quite pricey. Nonetheless once you arrive you will quickly realize that it is well worth it.

majestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewThis was my first time ever dining at Majestic and I went there with high expectations because it was highly recommended to me from several of my Kingston pals who rave about the quality of consistently good food, mixed with peaceful surroundings and good service.

Well my dear friends, Majestic certainly did not disappoint! I was blown away by the fab minimalist decor and loved how warm, relaxing and romantic the layout of the restaurant was. The food was also very good, I had three different appetizers (I know, I know, call me greedy) and a delicious main course and the best dessert ever to top off my night. Our server was incredible friendly and even when our food was taking a bit longer than anticipated he came and apologized and assured us that it ‘would be out any minute now.’

When we arrived one member from our party was running a bit late so we killed time waiting for our final guest to arrive by ordering Japanese Mojitos at Majestics very chic bar. Don’t judge – it was after 5pm – & alcohol is very much welcome then. My thoughts on the Japanese Mojitos- The BOMB.com! Essentially it’s very similar to a classic mojito but sake is used instead of rum. So it’s a little less sweet than a standard mojito making it quite refreshing. I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t too strong and it was delightfully minty.

majestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewmajestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewNow onto my culinary excursion to the Land of the Rising Sun. For starters I had a classic Japanese Miso Soup, followed by a green salad, an appetizer duo that I’ve had many times at Majestic’s sister restaurant “East Japanese”. It tasted no different from what I’m accustomed to at the much more informal Japanese restaurant but I can definitely say it just tasted Damn Good! The soup was a little saltier than the usual but salty is expected with miso soup, right? The salad was also very tasty. You receive quite a generous portion, with a tangy homemade dressing and topped with crispy slivers of deep fried potato. In my opinion Majestic has come up with the most ingenious and yummy way to get your veggies in!

majestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewOn to my third appetizer for the night, Spicy Calamari with a slight curry flavor. Quite an unusual pairing when I first saw it on the menu but I decided to still give it a try and it was ‘addictively’ delicious. I really liked the combination of the hot spices, curry powder and the fried breaded calamari. It was definitely a crowd pleasing appetizer at our table.

majestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewFor main course I ordered Teriyaki Salmon. I was not expecting two big pieces of salmon, so it was too much for me to handle. Nonetheless, I did manage to devour one. The quality of the salmon was excellent and it was grilled very well and there was no signs of it being overcooked.  The teriyaki sauce was exquisite not overly sweet as it was very light. My girlfriends went with the Grilled Chillian Seas Bass and it was equally as delicious. After listening to them rave how divine the sea bass was I had to taste and it was well worth raving about. All-in-all it was an excellent meal.

Whilst making room for more food, I excused myself from the table to have a look around. Apart from the spacious main dining room, there is also a section set aside in an alcove for private dinner parties, a unique sushi bar and a very stylish, art-deco-like bar to have a few drinks (like the awesome Japanese Mojito I spoke about earlier). I’ve already decided on my next visit to Kingston I’ll eat by the sushi bar since the chef told me that their sushi bar is a must attend for sushi aficionados. Now I’m no expert on sushi but I still plan to check out the sushi bar on my next visit.

fried-cheesecake-majestic-sushi-and-grill-kingston-reviewAfter my little workout exploring the grounds, I figured I had made enough room for some dessert. I ordered Fried Cheesecake. Yes you read correctly FRIED FREAKIN’ CHEESECAKE! & my, oh my, oh my! The deep-fried tempura cheesecake was well worth every single calorie.

I must say, Majestic is certainly Majestic. I truly had an unforgettable dinner date with my girls in a beautiful setting, elegant atmosphere and out of this world menu choices. Altogether I really enjoyed Majestic and I look forward to returning.

Oh just in case you’re wondering what I wore to this Majestic Japanese restaurant. I wore the perfect loose-fitting, black jumpsuit that hid the food baby that I was carrying by the ending of the night haha…Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

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