The Collection MoDa Runway: 2015 Review


Well, well, well…TGIF & Happy BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!! OH! I have another reason for you to get excited…The Collection Moda Runway Show!!!

The 2015 staging of the most anticipated fashion showcase in Jamaica and possibly the Caribbean, was held last weekend and I must say this was by far the best show I’ve attended all year. Kerry-Ann Clarke, the Moda Series founder certainly out-did herself again. The event was held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel and I was wowed by the near flawless execution of mostly the decor. Tai Flora created an enchanted garden-style, two-lane runway, adorned with lush flora and chandeliers hanging from above, while dense, green, lavish plants parted the runway below.

The show was filled with the ‘who’s who’ of Jamaica (like every other fashion show here) and the models were fair to middling. Regrettably some designers failed to rise to the occasion this year while others were worthy of a standing ovation. All in all, it was a stellar show that promised to shed a light on new and upcoming designers alongside top international designers and as per usual Kerry-Ann Clarke was able to pull it off.

Here are some exclusive shots of the labels that graced the MoDa Runway last weekend.

Carlton Jones



Kris Jackson


It’s all in the little details. Kris Jackson gave us a quick lesson on how a buckle can go from functional to fashionable. Kris used buckles to accentuate & accessorize her pieces by moving the buckle from it’s usual position as a functional item to become style statements in their own right.  Lovely fabric choices, eye-catching floral prints, beautiful soft, solid colors and of course buckles! I only wished Kris was a little more keen on clean lines and I do hope she’s working towards paying more attention to detail of the construction and finishes of each piece.


Jae Jollyjae-jolly-jamaica-collection-moda-fashion-showcase-2015-review


Love at First Sight! Jae Jolly has done it again. For quite some time now, Jae Jolly has been on my radar. She has made her impact on the fashion-scene here in Jamaica and has easily become the designer to go to when in need of swimwear & cover-ups. I’m yet to own anything from her previous collections, but after bearing first-hand witness to the collection she debuted on the MoDa Runway last weekend, I now have made it a point of duty to get a bikini, monokini and any other ‘ini’ from this line. Bold colors & earthy tones, vivid prints, patterned head scarves, gold ankle cuffs and models walking bare feet, set the tone for an incredible beachwear collection.

Carlton Brown


Every and any style conscious Jamaican man should be well acquainted with Carlton Browns custom made suits. The master of tailoring sent models down the runway in pairs wearing complimenting blazer, button-downs and trousers while walking to the final song used in the teen film Cruel Intentions, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” by The Verve. Overall I was quite pleased by his collection and so was the audience, as evidenced by the endless cheers.

Korto Momolu


The woman we all grew to love from Bravo’s Project Runway and Lifetime’s Project Runway, Liberian designer Korto Momolu always finds an ingenious way to showcase her African roots. What came down the runway was rich and inspiring. Korto stuck to monochromatic theme and found innovative ways to incorporate color into her collection. Pops of yellow, in a signature flower applique attached to varying areas on each piece, creating somewhat of an accessory. Personally, I found Korto’s collection a little flat and instead the energetic folk music that the models walked to, appealed to me more.


St. Vincent born fashion designer Karen De Freitas took a cue from the boys for her collection. Think stripes, tailored trousers, pantsuits, over-sized shirts, but constructed with a chic feminine twist.  The audience appeared stunned by female models totally owning menswear inspired clothing with especially classy and sexy takes. There is just something mysteriously alluring about a woman wearing a masculine piece of clothing, especially when paired with a more soft and feminine piece. I loved every aspect of her collection because she was able to demonstrate ingenuity without appearing overly complex.

Cesar Galindo


Thank you Czar! Thank you MoDa! For presenting me with the opportunity to marvel over soft, elegant and feminine pieces and escape into a land of sequins, iridescence and glimmering-glam. Before his collection hit the runway I was growing just a tad bit bored but when the “swingin sixties” music cued and the first model hit the runway, I was jolted by a burst of energy and I was suddenly wide awake again. Czar provided enough fringe, glimmer and soft details to satisfy even the most hardened of style critics. After his collection I was ready to ditch my outfit and bring on the 60’s flapper silhouette.


After the show, Jamaican-born, New York City based designer Camesha Powell revealed to me the enormous amount of work she put into her luxury swimwear and resort wear brand. She also shared a bit on her top notch manufacturers who she works with overseas. All I can say is, job well done. Her collection was marked by the use of high-quality, exotic fabrics and glamorous details, fit for any international department store or swim specialty shop.

Franz Christie


Ahhh Franz…always making a statement on the runway. Dark, dramatic and sexy fabrics added a sense of flair to his glitzy-glam ensembles. There was also a touch of grungyness to some of his looks, yet still it was done in a very sexy-feminine way. As the models took their final walk the audience whispered airs of confusion but I was quite entertained and in my opinion his collection was a jolt of fresh air. Though I personally wouldn’t wear his ‘show girl’ and ‘costumey’ designs, his collection was a hit.

Spokes Apparelspokes-apparel-jamaica-collection-moda-fashion-showcase-2015-review


Though Dexter Huxtable of Spokes Apparel went with ‘non-models’ to walk for his collection, I was still quite impressed by the suits, blazers, bow-ties, suspenders and top hats that graced the runway. So the runway was filled with men of all walks of life (short, tall, far from skinny, dreadlocks) yet still they did manage to relay the message that their brand was the perfect fit for every and any gentleman. Plus they strolled across the runway looking quite dapper and sophisticated. As per usual, Spokes styling of these men was trendy yet still very classy.

Soka X 2



Yes! Soka came…we saw…we saw again…& Soka conqured! Bravo Karen, Bravo! Soka closed the MoDa Runway show with a second collection that was clearly inspired by urban street wear. Models stepped out to “Shabba Ranks” by ASAP Rocky and they owned the stage. I love the hip-hop culture and fashion alike, so when the models were strutting their stuff in graphic prints, mesh, baggy clothing and sneakers, I shouted to my friend…”consider it SOLD!”


Okay, Okay, so this was my very first Collection MoDa Runway Show and I must admit, I was very, very, very anxious to attend because for the past few years I’ve only heard great things about this rumored exclusive fashion event. Well, a week has since past and I’ve had some time to reminisce and reevaluate the overall show and I think it’s now fair to say that it was extraordinary. They brought a fashion week feel by delivering a proper runway and decor and I tip my hat of to them for that.

I applaud the Collection Moda team for investing their time in ensuring that their brand stood for quality and standing out from the rest. I look forward to next years show and I can only hope it will be even better. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥


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    I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 (side note: that’s me on the bass drum! :))

    • December 1, 2015 / 8:04 pm

      aye! the ting did tun up!