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Hello Hello Hello to all my wavy’s, curly’s, coily’s, and kinky’s! I have exciting news!!!

If you’re following me on snapchat [@natashaleeds], then lets go back to the holiday season, just before Christmas when I mentioned that my goal for 2018 was to try out more products from other brands. Are you following? Then I made mention that I placed several orders during the Black Friday sales from popular hair brands so I could try them out as 2018 progressed. One of those brands was Carols Daughter. Now here’s where my story gets juicy…the very same day my Black Friday order from Carols Daughter arrived was the same day I received an email from guess who???



It’s crazy how the universe works. Here I am sharing with you guys that I’m dying to try out more of the Carols Daughter line and then BOOM! They’re sending me their collections to try out. I didn’t reach out to them and they didn’t see my snapchat videos but somehow they found me and chose ME! This little island gal from Jamaica, to be one of their brand ambassadors for 2018! Grateful is an understatement. Astonishment is an understatement. Excitement is an understatement. I’m just filled with so many emotions, that I still can’t fully express how much this really means to me.

You can call it fate or perhaps it was just perfect timing but I’m just so grateful that the universe beautifully aligned itself.


Recently, I shared my thoughts on the diversity issue within the fashion & beauty industry via my Instagram stories. Within a few hours of sharing my frustrations with the industry, I started second guessing my actions when a few of my blogger friends started sending me messages. They were questioning my actions and asking if I wasn’t scared that brands wouldn’t want to collaborate with me because I was so vocal on a controversial topic.

Despite me second guessing my actions, I stayed confident and stood my ground and told them I was speaking my truth and refused to take anything I said back. But look at GOD!? Look at how Mighty He is! I stood in my truth and now here I am as an ambassador for one of the biggest hair brands out there!


By now you all would know that I recently cut my hair after dealing with a severe case of hair shedding. So I’m super excited to share my hair journey over the next year with you, all while using the various collections from Carols Daughter. And no worries, once I’ve tried them all, I’ll definitely share my favorites with you.

Initially I ordered the entire ‘Hair Milk Collection’ and I absolutely LOVE that line for my hair. Nonetheless, I’ve since received some products from my new Carols Daughter family [family? how surreal!]. So far I’ve also tried the Rhasoual Clay Collection [superb] and also my new favorite, the Pracaxi Nectar collection [great for wash & go gals like me].


It truly means so much to know that the Carols Daughter team chose me to be the face behind their brand and they believe that I can help share the beauty and philosophy of their company.  Please stay tuned for future blog posts detailing my personal faves from the various collections that Carols Daughter has, and also how I use these babies to style my signature looks. Keep an eye out for me at some of your fave curly girl events and also for FUN GIVEAWAYS across my social media channels!

Oh & incase you’re wondering, I still plan to incorporate other brands into my regimen. My Jamaican Black Castor Oil from Tropic Isle Living is my ride or die for my scalp treatments and I still can never forget my fave Deep Conditioner from Honey Baby, Alikay & Camille Rose Naturals.


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  1. Nice K
    January 22, 2018 / 8:10 am

    Warmest hugs your way & congratulations for your new big catch! Its time for big brands to see what us your readers love,admire and enjoy about your blog! All the best xx