Blush Hour!

Hey StyleLeeders!

When wearing nude seems a bit bland, pink always comes through to rise to the occasion. Especially during the Spring. Last week I shared a blush pink outfit with you and here I am again flushing out in more blush tones.

This post is actually long overdue, because I wore this look a few weeks ago while in Negril with Manny. We went to dinner at The Cliff Hotel and I used our little dinner date as an opportunity to break in a new pair of palazzo pants that I picked up a few months ago in Forever 21. I wore my blush tone, billowy, wide-leg pants and a basic crop top. & then teamed my look with my chunky heel sandals from Steve Madden and went minimal on the accessories.

I love talking advantage of wearing loosely-styled pants because it gives off cool elegance while still being comfortable. I felt bohemian and grown up at the same time! Plus, Jamaica’s forever balmy weather is perfect for wearing a breezy pair of palazzo pants.

Another great thing about wearing loosely fit pants??? No matter how much food you’ve consumed, no one will ever know how stuffed you really are. The loose fit of the pants completely hid my very stuffed stomach! Manny and I ate a little too much that night. So much that instead of going back to our hotel room to go to bed, Manny actually dozed off on the couch in the hotel’s lobby!!! Yup, he took my photos, sat down and out of nowhere he went into a food coma, haha! Keep scrolling for the pic I took as proof. He didn’t quite doze off yet but right after I snapped it, he was out cold (shhh, don’t tell him). Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

Forever 21 Palazzo Pants ♦ Forver 21 Crop Top (Similar HERE) ♦ Steve Madden Heels (Similar HERE) ♦


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