Birthday Dinner

floral-dress-outfitHey StyleLeeders, Happy Saturday!

The night of my birthday was spent with some of my favorite people at the Mexican Restaurant at the Iberostar hotel— where we wined and dined the night away. I am beyond blessed to have a small group of friends who are the most loyal, committed, and compassionate people ever. From the wine tasting to the birthday cake and getting in the pool right after (& then being kicked out haha) it was a perfect night!

So before changing into my swimwear and getting kicked out of the pool and having to walk through the freezing hotel hallways looking like a mess, I actually think I looked quite lovely in a floral flirty dress. Its so funny how I woke up feeling like a Tomboy and by dinner time I was feeling rather feminine; clearly I have a few style personalities. Now I may have gotten a year older but my love for matching still hasn’t changed. Blue-purple-periwinkle floral dress paired with matching mules…yep sounds like Natasha, doesn’t it? ‘Miss Matchy Matchy’ at it again. BTW, I’ve had this dress for maybe a little over 4 years now and this was my first time ever wearing it. I also have no clue where it’s from (lol, my bad). My heels on the other hand are from Forver21 (now sold out, my bad).

From the two birthday outfits I’ve shared with you over the past days comment below and tell me which was your fave. Sports-Luxe Natasha or Flirty Feminine Natasha. Talk soon, Nuff Love, Natasha. ♥

floral-dress-outfit-stylishlee floral-dress-outfit-stylishleefloral-dress-outfit-stylishlee floral-dress-outfit-stylishlee

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  1. Tinashae
    October 3, 2015 / 1:17 pm

    SportLuxeNatasha is everything ?