All Dolled Up Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipstick Review + TIPS

Okay so you all know I’m a sucker for lippies, right? Especially when they’re matte—yes please!!! That said, today I’m sharing with you a type lippie that has been trending for some time now…liquid matte lipstick. It seriously seems like every single company is coming out with their own version of these liquid lipsticks. However, these in particular were of interest to me when I heard that the owner of the company was a “yardie!” WHAT? Yup, the owner is a Jamaican!!! So I had to check them out and do a review on these babies.

The company I’m making reference to is All Dolled Up Cosmetics by a super stylish Jamaican beauty, Shana who hails from Jamaica’s capital city, KINGSTON! Bap! Bap! Although her lippies are made and packaged in the US, it still is quite exciting for me because I love seeing my fellow Jamaicans create something on par with that from the leading countries in the world.  Oh, & for those who feel a little lost, a liquid lipstick applies wet and glossy to the lips and then after about a minute it dries into a matte finish. I received 3 out of the 8 shades of liquid lipsticks from the collection—socialite, no basic, and going nude. Peep below for more details on the shades…

all-dolled-up-cosmetics-liquid-matte-lipsticks-stylishleeSocialite– is a bright fuchsia pink which is perfect for summer makeup looks. Socialite is my favorite of the three because it has the best pigmentation, it wears really well and is long lasting. One layer was just enough to get the same intensity of color that I saw in the tube.

No Basic– is a lovely nude for women of color. It’s sort of like the color of your lips but better shade making it perfect for everyday wear

Going Nude-I expected this to be a bomb-ass nude. In the tube it looked like the perfect peachy-nude, and I’m sure it could be if only it applied smoothly. Instead, it went on streaky and it failed to apply as opaque as I would have liked. To build up the opacity I waited for it to set and then attempted to apply a second layer but it just would not allow me to apply an even layer and instead my lips looked patchy & chalky. I did try wearing this lippie with a liner and it did help the application somewhat but I still wasn’t satisfied with the end result. I still can’t figure out if I got bad one, or if the formula is different for this particular shade but it just did not work for me.
Packaging: I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging. Very simple yet attention grabbing and very practical. You can see the actual colour of the liquid lipstick through the glass tube which is always a bonus for me because I hate having to play a guessing game when trying to find a lipstick that’s not properly labeled. My only issue with the packaging was that the wording has already rubbed off the tube and I’ve only had these liquid lipsticks for a month. This isn’t a deal breaker for me but for a liquid lipstick that costs USD$14.00/JMD$1600.00 I would expect the wording to stay put.

Application: On their website they say to, “apply to lips and wait about a minute for the liquid to dry, then you will have a flat matte finish.” Now this claim is pretty accurate however it wasn’t as simple for me to apply the lipsticks because they start drying as soon as the applicator hits your lips. I had to work pretty quickly when applying these liquid lipsticks to prevent any blotchiness, but they most definitely dry matte!

Staying Power: The number one thing I look for with my liquid lipsticks—They DO NOT TRANSFER! These liquid lipstick by All Dolled Up Cosmetics definitely earned bonus points for this. Their lippies literally just stays on your lips and does not budge and I LOVED that. It’s smudge proof, water proof and kiss proof….SCORE! Once the lippie was completely dry it was nearly transfer proof for me. After a few hours of wear, after eating and drinking, the color didn’t budge much, it only faded a bit in the center of my lip. This to me is nothing bad (at least if you aren’t super close-up) because for the most part you could still see the intensity of the color and it was pretty easy to touch up that slightly faded section. On me, the color wears for roughly six hours, but it is quite drying so after about three/four hours of wear it did get pretty uncomfortable.

Texture: The texture of the liquid lipsticks are a bit sticky, so they definitely did not go on as smooth as I hoped for. The stickiness was bearable but because of this sort of tackiness if I were to press my lips together they sort of stuck together for a mere second before separating.

Intensity: For the most part what you see is what you get. Two of the shades (socialite & no basic) shared the same color on my lips as it did in the tube. These shades applied very opaque with just one layer. On the other hand for the third shade (going nude) it applied quite sheer and needed a few layers to build up the intensity of color which I desired. The downside of too much layering means streaking, so the shade ‘going nude’ was a miss for me.

Overall I think these liquid lipstick are awesome depending on which shade you choose and I would definitely recommend them. Lippies by Shana are available at All dolled Up Cosmetics located at Shop #7 Park Plaza (Half-Way Tree), Kingston, or you can visit their website at HERE ←

Keep scrolling for tips on how to wear liquid lipsticks ⇓⇓⇓

Liquid-Matte-Lip-Cream-ReviewBelow are my top 3 tips for applying liquid lipsticks for a smoother application and intense color.

Tip 1. Exfoliate and moisturize the heck out of your lips before applying these liquid matte lipsticks, because they are extremely drying. So exfoliate and put on some lip balm when you start doing your makeup, BUT remember to wipe off any excess lip balm/chapstick when you get to the part when you do your lips. Otherwise the lipstick might not stay on so well.

Tip 2. You’ll want to be careful while waiting for it to dry and set. Liquid lipsticks gets tackier and tackier while it sets, so if you press your lips together while it is drying, you’ll lift the color off in sections. My suggestion would be to apply the liquid lipstick and then wait until it completely dries before adding another layer or before pressing your lips together.

Tip 3. Avoid oily/greasy food. Although these lipsticks are pretty long-wearing and will make it through drinking and through most of a meal, if you happen to eat foods that are very oily, the oil will break down the formula in the lipstick. This will cause your lip color to look patchy and blotchy.


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  1. August 19, 2015 / 2:45 am

    I am literally obsessed with the three colors, they are perfect for different occasions! And thanks for the tips on how to apply them, with that advice no one can go wrong!