Dressing for Comfort

StylishLee & StylishLeeMomMy trip to Florida last week was short but sweet. I got so much done within such a small time frame, leaving me exhausted when I returned home to Jamaica. I felt like I was busy all hours of the day and got minimal sleep at night. Unfortunately I was unable to fulfill my statements of taking as much pictures as possible and I’m terribly sorry for that. I was seriously so busy I was only able to get in pictures of two of outfits while in Florida. Next time will be different…Promise.

Oh! Meet my mommy, my best friend, my mentor, my manager, my boss, my idol and my occasional photographer…I love you mama and thank you for everything and for this amazing trip. I’ll be dragging you everywhere with me forever! lol ♥

Ripped Denim by Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)

Soooo…I guess I’ve had a bit of luck for the month of March and I scored myself a few days at the Hampton Inn in Fort Lauderdale. When I travel, I have one thing in mind…COMFORT, so I boarded the plane to Florida decked out in all black. A loose fitting crotchet style blouse, layered over a simple black tank, ripped denim pants, combat boots and my fave travel handbag that holds absolutely everything! Oh! how could I forget my mirrored aviators. I always have a pair (or two) of sunglasses when I travel, because it protect my eyes from the sun while up in the air and it also hides my tired eyes after a flight.

What type of jetsetter are you? Are you the ultimate fashionista who struts through the airport in heels? Or may be the laid back traveler…how about a mix of both. Let me know in the comments below what type of outfit you usually wear when you travel. Talk soon loves. XO Natasha ♥

♦Combat Boots HERE ♦ Ripped Denim Pants HERE ♦ Black Tank Top HERE ♦ Loose Fitting Crochet Blouse Similar HERE ♦ Structured Handbag HERE ♦ Mirrored Aviators HERE

Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)ripped jeans pants Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) sophie hulme bag. Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) All black OOTD. Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)structured handbag. Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds) All Black OOTD. Structured Bag. Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)Natasha Lee of StylishLee.com (IG-natashaleeds)

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  1. cristallina
    March 23, 2015 / 12:14 pm

    I am OBSESS with your handbag! If you decide to go into that sell your stuff business,please note, you have a buyer waiting for it! LOL