Alikay Naturals Hair Growth Challenge ¦ Essential 17 Growth Oil


Hi Hi Hi NaturalLeeders! So I’ve been on my hair journey for 3 years now and this entire time my goal was only to have healthy hair. After three years I’m so happy to share with you how healthy and lush my hair looks and feels. But now I have a new goal and that is to see just how long my hair can actually grow. Someone recently asked me if I think I’ve reached my hairs maximum length and I honestly had no clue. So the only way to put it to the test is to go extra hard with my hair care for the remainder of 2016.


Alikay Naturals is having their very first Hair Growth Challenge and I’m so excited to join and be a part of it. Ever since I started this hair journey all I wanted to do was promote healthy and happy hair. Now I want to put to the test if healthy hair really equates to a long mane. So are you ready to grow some hair? Well I am and I’ve accepted the challenge and I really want you to join me. So let me tell you how you can:

1. You need the Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil
2. On Instagram post an image of your self and your hairs starting point using the provided Alikay Naturals Growth Challenge Ruler (download link for ruler HERE)
3. We start on August 30, 2016 and check-ins are every 30 days, until November 30, 2016. On these days measure your hair’s length and fill in your measurements in the provided chart. Then post an image of your hair’s progress along with your measurements to your Instagram account.

4. Participants who enter the challenge on Instagram have a chance to WIN the entire Alikay Naturals Mini Hair Collection!

Oh and guys pleas don’t forget to always use the hashtag #alikaygrowthchallenge and @alikaynaturals so you’re able to qualify. 

 (The Alikay hair growth challenge ends Nov. 30th but I’m doing my personal final check-in on December 30, 2016).


Scalp care is a very important part of natural hair care. Almost every natural gal I’ve come across focuses solely on the health of their hair strands but forgets the importance of scalp maintenance. Using the Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil promotes both hair growth and a healthy scalp. It does this by using a custom blend of essential oils that are able to penetrate the scalp to get the nutrients directly to your hair follicles.

When using the Essential 17 Growth Oil, applying it to your scalp every other day should typically work for most. I personally listen to my hair and respond accordingly to its needs. So if my scalp feels dry I’ll follow up with this oil and a scalp massage which on average is anywhere from 2 to 4 days.

I must warn you, the product is highly potent so a little goes a long way. I know when we hear this in the natural hair community we laugh and sneer at such comments. But I learned the hard way the first time I used this oil. I massaged so much into my hair that night and the following day I had an oily hairline and forehead. I spent the entire day using blotting sheets on my face. Not Kool! So I highly recommend for you to use the nozzle applicator tip on the bottle to apply the oil to your scalp. This will give you some form of control when applying the Essential 17. After application massage your scalp for a few minutes to increase blood circulation in the scalp and to open your pores and absorb the 17 essential oils nourishment.


TEN Additional Tips for Growing Hair

  1. Regular scalp massages
  2. Weekly deep conditioning treatments
  3. Wearing protective styles or low-manipulation styles
  4. Work in sections
  5. Never skip leave-in conditioner
  6. Moisturize regularly & always remember to seal
  7. Minimize heat
  8. Stick to hair products that are naturals and organic
  9. Nourish from within (drink more water and consider taking multi-vitamins)
  10. Ditch your cotton pillow case for a silk/satin one

For the remainder of the year lets all stick to these ten tips so we can get optimal results on our final length check in. I’m so excited for this challenge and I urge you to do it with me. Lets grow together. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

Purchase the Essential 17 Growth Oil online HERE or purchase in store at select Target, Sally Beauty or Rite Aid.



  1. November 1, 2016 / 12:49 pm

    Wow! I’m just learning about this…I would have loved to try this with the Alikay community. Maybe there will be another challenge. I wish you awesomeness on your healthy hair journey and hope you reach your goal soon!! How do you like the oil so far?

    • November 1, 2016 / 11:59 pm

      Hey Christina! It’s never too late to join. I absolutely love the oil, but I myself have been pushed back a bit. I cut roughly 3-4 inches off my curls a few days ago. I realized I couldn’t join a hair growth challenge with damaged ends so I snipped away. Feel free to join, if you don’t have this oil you can always use castor oil for your scalp massages and see if in 6months there are any improvements in the overall health and length of your hair. Good Luck.