Adoring Myself on Valentines Day: Let’s Stay In


Hello to all of my lovely StyleLeeders!

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and that includes loving yourself! We all deserve love ♥ & yes, L.O.V.E. from someone else surely is a beautiful thing to receive but we should always remember to give ourselves love as well. So even though you have no dinner plans with a hot date set for this upcoming Tuesday, it doesn’t mean you can’t take the day to do something nice for yourself instead. Since Manny and I won’t be spending this Valentines Day together I plan on focusing spending time with myself.

I am a huge believer in spending time with oneself and also creating the time to also treat yourself to something special. Whether splurging on something you’ve had your eye on for a long time, going on a solo date to your favorite restaurant or even taking a relaxing bath, you should never feel bad for taking care of YOU! Because the relationship you have with yourself is something that should always be celebrated ♥


Since Valentines Day falls on a workday, I plan on heading home a little earlier to cuddle up on my couch to binge watch a new TV series (I haven’t decided which one yet, any suggestions?). I also plan on giving myself a little, at home spa treatment using a few of my favorite face and body skin care products. Though I have no intentions of going out on V.Day, I also plan on topping off my Valentines evening with myself by slipping into a luxe pajama set I recently picked from Adore ME. 

My mother always reminded me the importance of pampering myself. As a younger gal, I remember her walking around in her plush robes saying things like “the thicker the robe, the better the experience.” So from a very young age I have always dressed the part when lounging around at home. A luxe pajama set, a plush robe, lace bralettes, delicate tops, flowing maxi dresses, oversized cardigans or a cozy sweater (if it’s chilly out). It’s an amazing feeling to look good, even if you happen to be home alone. So if a cute outfit can help make my Valentines Day better then best believe I’ll be wearing that cute outfit!

An evening in on Valentines Day is really all I will be doing this year. If you and I share the same plans of staying in then why not spend that time to treat yourself? New Makeup? Check! Spa Day? Check! Luxe Outfit? Check! Check! Check! Keep reading to discover 5 ways to treat yourself this Valentines Day ♥


5 Ways to Treat Yourself on Valentines Day ♥

[Forget V.Day…It’s all about ME DAY!]


Upgrade your sleep wear or lounge wear

As I said earlier, when you look good, you feel good! & YES, I also think comfy sweatpants or joggers are great but this Valentines lets all slip into a cute pajama set! Not only will you look chic at home but you will also feel fancy (& sexy) when you’re getting cozy on the sofa or slipping into bed that night. It’s all about an experience, so treat yourself to a pair of beautifully crafted loungewear that will help you spend your Valentines evening in style.


D.I.Y. Spa Day

What better time than Valentines Day to give yourself a relaxing spa day?! If you happen to be lucky enough not to have work on V.Day, then treat yourself to a relaxing spa session and have the professionals take away all your pains, aches (& problems). If you happen to work this V.Day or you’re not the type to allow a stranger to work out the kinks in your body then welcome to my world! Instead just do it yourself! After a face mask, long bath or shower and giving yourself a mani/pedi you will definitely feel more refreshed than ever this Valentines! Then to finish off your spa evening, slip into a robe, put on your favorite playlist and just…relax.

valentines-day-lounge-wear-sleep-night-relax-outfit-natashaleeds-stylishlee-adore-meGo Shopping

Who doesn’t like getting something new? This year I’m swapping chocolates for a cute velvet bag and a few luxury skincare products I’ve been eyeing. Sure you can pamper yourself with an at home spa treament but you can also do the same by gifting yourself a lavish purse too (can you tell just how much I want this purse lol). You know yourself best, so why not gift yourself the best Valentines Day present ever!

valentines-day-lounge-wear-sleep-night-relax-outfit-natashaleeds-stylishlee-adore-meGo Floral

Okay my girlfriend does this all the time and though I initially found it weird when she told me she sends herself floral arrangements, I think I now have a slight change of heart. Most people in a relationship may find this a little odd but after a bit of introspection I think everyone deserves a hand delivered bouquet of fresh-cut flowers, even if you’re single. So YES! Go ahead and send yourself a dozen (or 10 dozen) roses! Because you deserve it!

Fall in love with something new

This Valentines Day is the perfect time to discover something new. Try experimenting with a kickboxing class, or just sign up for the gym. Read a new book, learn a new recipe, or even start a new show! Trying something new may open the door to new passions and maybe even new relationships. I’ve already decided on devoting myself to both a new book and a new show. Obviously I won’t be able to finish either of them on Valentines Day, but I plan on taking them both on at my own pace. Plus it’s good to escape from reality by getting caught up in a fantasy world every now and then.

BONUS: Take yourself on a date

This is something I still have not gotten used to but there’s nothing more empowering and calming than spending time on a date with yourself. I recently went to the movies alone and at I must admit, I did feel very weird at first because I felt like I was being judged for sitting by myself. But after conquering a fear of mine to go out on my own, I plan on doing this more often. Whether you’re treating yourself to a movie, taking yourself out on a leisurely drive or going out to your fave restaurant, don’t be scared to do something for yourself, by yourself.

Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it! Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

[Lace Bralette: Adore Me ♥ Oversized Blouse: Sandra Kennedy]

valentines-day-lounge-wear-sleep-night-relax-outfit-natashaleeds-stylishlee valentines-day-lounge-wear-sleep-night-relax-outfit-natashaleeds-stylishlee valentines-day-lounge-wear-sleep-night-relax-outfit-natashaleeds-stylishlee


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