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Jamaican Fashion Blogger

Meet Jamaican Fashion & Beauty Blogger Natasha Lee

StylishLee is a personal style story used as an outlet for Natasha to document the things she loves and is inspired by. She discovered her love for photography and what she thought was a trivial hobby, quickly turned into her passion. It was this growing interest in photography that lead her to discover the meaning behind individual expression. She promises to use StylishLee to share her thoughts, style, and snippets of her life with the hope that she is able to inspire, empower and motivate her readers to employ fashion to give them a sense of confidence.

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If your approach to fashion is less about something you wear and more of an all-around lifestyle, this Jamaican-based blog approaches fashion from an inclusive all-over-Island point of view. Natasha steers the blog through her casual-luxe, Caribbean style by fusing basic and trendy pieces to create her looks, taken against the beautiful backdrop of her island Jamaica. From now on it’s not only about what’s happening in New York City, Paris or London, because when it comes to fashion, Jamaica definitely has its own flavor.

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StylishLee offers lots of practical advice for everyone, no matter how fashion savvy they might be. If you are new to fashion and have never followed a fashion blog, this should definitely be your first. From tips on how to incorporate the newest fashion trends into your wardrobe, to advice on where in Jamaica to shop and best of all, the blog features everything beauty and not just on how to be ‘stylishlee’ dressed. So if you’re looking for hair-tips or makeup tricks, you can get great advice on that as well. StylishLee is more than just a fashion blog, but also an aesthetic that celebrates the little pleasures in life.

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