A Makeup Brush that actually works! Brush Craft by Artis


Ever since I started wearing makeup I always applied my makeup with makeup brushes…until I tried the beauty blender. From that moment on I never looked back! I pretty much put all my foundation brushes on the back burner and used my beauty blender to apply everything from moisturizer, primers, foundation, concealer, powders to set my face and even to blend out my contour. Though I don’t see myself ever putting my beauty blender to rest, I have since rekindled my love for face brushes once again. Have you guys heard of Artis Brushes? I’m sure you have!

As long as you’re into all things beauty then you probably would have seen the Artis Brushes being used by your favorite beauty guru’s while scrolling down your Instagram timeline. Yes, those cult favorite, oval shaped makeup brushes that looks a lot like a really big toothbrush (as my husband calls it). They’re also the brush sets being sold for US$500!!! I gasped when I found that out too! So before you flip me the finger just stay with me for a bit longer because this is not going where you think it’s going.

When Artis came out with their revolutionary brushes I myself was very curious to try. But when I heard the price for just one of these brushes (US$60) I convinced myself into thinking these brushes were not worth spending so much on. Well luckily for me Artis recently launched another line of innovative brushes that work just as amazingly well as their original brushes but for a much affordable cost. Once I heard this awesome news, I had to find a way to get my hands on the Artis Brush Craft line of makeup brushes.

brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishleeI can’t believe it took me this long to jump on the fiber brush bandwagon because these babies are worth every penny. The minute you start using these Brush Craft brushes you realize what the hype has been all about. This is a little annoying to me because now I’m even more tempted to purchase at least one brush from the more expensive line of Artis Brushes. If I do, you’ll be first to know.

I must admit, there is a bit of a learning curve with these brushes. The application process feels a bit odd at first because you are holding the brush at a completely different angle than what you are used to. Secondly, because these brushes use half the amount of product what you normally use, if you use your normal amount you’re going to be left with cake face! But with practice you get used to the handles and learn not to apply too much product.

Appearance & Feel: The brushes have a sleek black handle that is ergonomically designed to efficiently apply makeup to oneself. They are also incredibly soft. When you rub your finger across the NuFibre bristles you just know you’re holding on to something special. The bristles are tightly packed and they didn’t bend under pressure when I pressed my finger against it. Instead it acted sort of like a sponge and it bounced right back. I suppose that explains the smooth application of product with these brushes.

Application: The brushes help to cut down on product usage while also cutting down the time for makeup application. You only need to pass the brush once, or twice over your chin, forehead and cheeks and ‘Wham Bam Thank You Mam!’ The product will be applied streak free and evenly distributed all over your face. So not only are they pretty cool looking but they also perform too! I personally think these brushes work best using medium to long strokes or circular patterns rather than brushing on product using short, little strokes.

brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee

The Brushes

Oval 6 ($24.50)– I did not realize it was possible to fall in love with a makeup brush until I tried the Brush Craft Oval 6 brush!!! Finally I know what I’ve been missing. A well blended face starts with a great skincare foundation and an awesome brush behind it. The Oval 6 is that awesome brush! The blending power of this brush is out of this world. Artis recommends to use this brush for contouring, blush application and foundation. I personally only use it for my foundation application and it works like a dream because of the amazing streak free and flawless finish I get after each use. If I had to suggest one brush to get out of this lot I would definitely recommend the Oval 6 brush. You will not regret it!

Oval 3 ($18.50)– This is the brush I’ve been using to snatch my nose contour. Artis recommends to use this brush to apply eye shadow on the lids and concealer. I use it for neither of the two because I found it to be too bulky for my liking. Instead I use it to contour the sides of my nose and it blends out the contour shade so seamlessly, it gives off the illusion of a natural shadow on my nose as opposed to a harsh line down my nose.

Circle 3 ($18.50)– I use this brush for concealer application down the bridge of my nose, under my eyes and also for spot concealing. Artis suggests that this brush can also be used for eyeshadow blending and for applying lip color. Truthfully, I just didn’t enjoy blending my eyeshadow out with this brush. Maybe I need some more practice but it seems much easier to use a regular eyeshadow blending brush instead. As for lipstick, I do actually think it worked well for applying lipstick but I’d much rather apply my lipstick straight from the tube.

But for concealer application the Circle 3 Brush is a for sure hit! It fit into the contours of my eye socket perfectly and it blended out my concealer so seamlessly I could barely notice any fine lines under my eyes. This is an awesome little brush that I personally love for concealer but it’s still very versatile as it can do the job of many.

Linear 1 ($18.50)– I was pretty nervous to try this brush for my brows and even more nervous to use it to line my eyes. Just as I thought, this brush proved to be quite inefficient. For liner it was hard to move the brush along the base of my eyelid to create a sharp line. Plus the positioning of the handle just made it difficult to use the brush overall. For brow color application, this brush failed miserably because I could not fit the brush bristles into my brow pot because of the large head of the brush. Though I could transfer some of my brow gel to a palette, this instead becomes an unnecessary step in my routine. That said, I think I’ll be sticking to my handy-dandy angled liner brush for now.


Final Thoughts

I think these brushes will definitely change the way you think about makeup application. The Oval 6 was a for sure winner from this collection and I highly recommend getting your hands on it. I don’t think I will be giving up my traditional eye brushes for now but the smaller Brush Craft brushes are pretty nice to have nonetheless.

Ever since Artis came out with their line of brushes, the market became flooded with dupes that cost up to 4 times less. Personally, while I did not get the very expensive, original Artis Brushes I also was never tempted to settle for the cheap imitations. This is why I was so excited when I learned that Artis was coming out with a line us regular folk could actually afford.

After using these brushes for just under a month I think I may just invest in the Oval 7 or Oval 8 Artis Brush. I love the Oval 6 Brush Craft Brush but I do wish it were a tad bit larger to cover more ground faster. So I think the Oval 7 or 8 will be the most suitable brush for my face size. All in all I really like these brushes and I do think they are worth the hype (minus the linear 1 brush).

Until next time. Talk Soon. Nuff Love, Natasha ♥

Brush Craft Brushes HERE

brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee brush-craft-artis-makeup-review-natashaleeds-stylishlee