5 Reasons NOT to fear the BIG CHOP


Hey Hey to all my NaturalLeeders!!! Happy Monday!!! In honor of my 2 year natural hair birthday I’m sharing with you FIVE reasons why you shouldn’t fear the BIG CHOP! Now I know, I know…it can be scary to think of yourself with short hair, I went through it too. Although I transitioned for a year I think this is the one thing I would have done differently if I had the chance…CUT IT ALL OFF! Things became much easier and so much clearer once I took the plunge to let go of my relaxed hair. Now I’m not telling you that this is the best and only way; I actually have tons have friends who transitioned and did so easily and successfully. However, I’m here to help break that fear that so many of us have against cutting our hair…

You get to have a Natural Hair Anniversary

Natural-Hair-Anniversary-StylishLEE Yes the Big chop is definitely scary if you’ve had long hair all your life, but the day you decide to cut your hair is the day you give your natural hair journey an official start date! I mean look at me…just last week I celebrated hitting the two year mark and I gifted myself some red velvet cupcakes and a good deep conditioning treatment haha!

Having a specified anniversary date may not be the greatest reason why you shouldn’t fear the BIG CHOP but at least when you start snipping away you won’t have to wonder when you first decided to go natural! Plus who doesn’t love birthday’s and anniversary’s? This just gives us another day in the year to celebrate an obstacle you overcame and achieved.

It will allow you to discover YOUR hair regimen

Product-Junkie-StylishLeeIt can be very overwhelming and frustrating when transitioning because it’s pretty difficult when dealing with both relaxed hair and natural hair textures. I certainly had my fare share of struggles while transitioning, and as I said before I honestly wish I had cut off those damn relaxed ends much sooner! Dealing with multiple textures was just so frustrating for me and I can’t believe I did that for an entire year!!! Things got so much easier as soon as I cut my hair because I only had to deal with the texture of my natural hair.

With only natural hair on your head, you will develop a better understanding of how products actually work for your hair while discovering which products don’t. By the time your hair starts to grow it will become much easier to make small adjustments to your routine because you would already have a system in place to work from.

To put it simply…the big chop makes it easier to understand your hair as it grows.

Cutting your hair off will lead to adventure

Natural-Hair-Blogger-STYLISHLEEMy long hair was my safety net, that blurred my vision from sailing into the unknown! Like many of you out there thinking of doing the big chop or struggling in your transition because you fear to big chop, more than likely your hair is your comfort zone. If you’re anything like me then you also fear leaving this comfort zone because you don’t want to endure any discomfort.

By cutting off your hair this false sense of protection that your tresses have over you will fade away. Maybe not immediately because rocking a shorter look will all be pretty new to you, but eventually you will realize that by stepping away from the familiarity of long hair you’re moving into the broad spectrum of adventure. By cutting your hair you are cutting yourself off from everything you WERE to be everything you ARE! Welcome a new you and welcome new adventures!!!

It will help you embrace your fears better

Quotes-About-Fear-StylishLEELook the scariest moment is always just before you start, but once you do start you will come to the realization that everything you want in life can be found on the other side of fear. The problem is…how do we get on the other side of fear?

For me personally, overcoming my fear of cutting off my tresses was a gradual and continuous process. I went through several failed attempts at transitioning, where each time somewhere along the line I would end up relaxing months worth of new growth. In 2013 I cut my hair and conquered my fear of having short hair! The night I cut my hair was the night I killed that fear and overcame it. This allowed me to move forward stronger and wiser. Somehow taking that step made me believe more in myself. When I mustered up the courage to cut my hair, it was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was finally owning who I truly was!

Don’t allow fear to stand in the way of cutting your hair (or anything else for that matter). If cutting your hair is something you’re afraid of, then let that be the first step in facing your fears. If successful you’ll realize that you’re capable of facing anything else that comes along the way. So to all my ladies out there struggling with the fear of cutting you’re hair, just know that once you do get to the other side you would have accomplished something no matter what…Taking a chance!

It will help you see BEAUTY differently

Jamaican-Fashion-Blogger-StylishLeeSociety has the notion of beauty all mixed up!!!!! Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking that a woman with long luxurious hair is the sole definition of beauty. But they are so wrong…the truly “beautiful” girls are the ones who have authentic personalities, & the ones who know that inner beauty is what matters most. This was something I discovered after cutting my hair. I realized that I did not need my hair to define who I was, so I completely abandoned societal views of beauty and created my own definition. I opted for originality instead.

Cutting your hair may lead you to realize that beauty really is skin deep. What’s on the inside truly matters most. It will allow you to focus more on inner beauty over outer. This will help you not only with your personal self, but also when encountering other people. You’ll be able to see past someone’s beauty and instead you’ll zone in on whats on the inside!

NLee-StylishLeeI hope this helped anyone out there wondering whether you should take this next step in your hair journey by snipping away all those relaxed ends. Be free and do as you please, I love you either way! Just remember not to let fear stand in your way. Love you guys so much. Thank you for always being there…