3 Easy Ways to Update Your Look for FALL

fall-beauty-trends-how-to-get-ready-for-fallOkay! Okay! So this post is long overdue, but when you happen to live in a country that experiences summer all year round you can easily forget that everyone’s favorite season is here—FALL!!! As usual people have been making a big fuss about dressing for this fall season, and to be honest, all this hype seriously made my current wardrobe seem just a tad bit underwhelming. Unfortunately for me, it’s scorching hot here in Jamaica so while most people have already started pulling out their cozy knits and drinking pumpkin spice latte’s, I’m still over here in my denim cut-offs haha!
So instead of struggling to keep up with fall’s hottest fashion trends I’ve decided to revamp my look by incorporating a few easy elements into my beauty routine to have me ready for this magnificent season. Here are my 3 super easy beauty suggestions to update your look for fall.

1. Moody Lipstick (L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss)

Fall-Beauty-Trends-2015-dark-purple-lipstickYear after year once fall comes around I always pull out my moody lipstick shades. The best part? They’re extremely high-impact that adds a bit of drama and mystery to your look and takes very little effort. So for this fall season I encourage you to try a darker lip shade. Oh, & when wearing a bold lip I personally like going very subtle on the rest of the face so my lips become the focal point of my look.

2. Change up your Perfume (YSL Opium, DKNY , Bvlgari)

Fall-Beauty-Trends-musky-perfume-scentsThe changing of seasons from summer to fall means it’s also time to transition into new fragrance choices to evoke warm images of leaves turning golden. It’s time to put away the floral, sweet scents and switch to something rich, sexy and spicy. Think scents like amber, sandalwood, musk and leather. Something about the fall season brings about mystery so this fall try aiming for a combination of warm and sensual scents.

3. Go Deeper on the Nails (Essie)

fall-beauty-trends-2015-deep-dark-red-nailsClearly you see a trend here…Fall means heavier and deeper and the arrival of fall has definitely put me in the mood for a manicure change-up. As such I’ve decided to take a break from the pinks and lighter hues of nail colors and I’m going in for darker shades this season. Inky manicures will definitely get you noticed this season because dark nails gives you just the right edge without being too overbearing. I personally love this berry shade (wicked) from Essie that I’ve been wearing recently.

How have you updated your look for fall? What hue marks the start of fall for you? Let me know in the comments below. Talk soon, Nuff Love, Natasha ♥