My 2015 Beauty Resolutions

Okay, so we’re already almost a month into the New Year and up until a few days ago I still had not even thought of my resolutions. Crazy Right? Kudos to those of you who have actually gotten this far into the month with their resolutions, and to those of you struggling to stick through with them…you’re not alone. This my dear friends happens to be the reason for me not listing out my New Year resolutions on December 31st like most of you. Year after year I set goals for myself and then life happens and I lose sight of them. Nonetheless, sometime last week I decided that I would give it a try again but this time break up my resolutions into categories; Life Goals, Beauty Goals, Hair Goals and Fashion Goals. I don’t plan on tackling all of these goals at once, I’m instead going to set out to focus on one goal in each category and focus on that for one month before moving onto the next. Wish me Luck.

Beauty ResolutionsMy Beauty Goals

I decided to first share with you my beauty goals because I honestly think these are easiest to tackle because it’s easier to add doing a weekly face mask to your routine than trying to workout 5 days a week while eating healthy on top of it. So this year my main beauty resolution will be focusing on skincare, but I also will add in some other beauty rules that I think should be on everyone’s annual checklist.

TIP-print this out, bookmark this page or write down what matters to you, as a reminder that we all have a few beauty rules to stick to this year.

1. Go Bare Faced Once A Weak

Bare Faced SelfieBare Faced Selfies For 2015

My first priority is to go makeup free at least once a week and give my skin a chance to breathe. Sometimes we get so caught up in how we look thanks to the Instagram culture we’ve all been sucked into and I was at a point where I would not leave home without makeup, and it’s honestly so silly when I think about it because I am perfectly fine without it. So for 2015 I want to stop focusing on how I look and having a beat face every single day and instead focus on more important things, like inner beauty. So lets all go barefaced as much as we can for 2015.

2. Take off Makeup EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!

1115719-w1000Now on days where I actually do wear makeup I will resolve to take it off no matter what. Yes we all know how bad it is for our skin but we’ve all been guilty of this at least once. This typically is never a problem for me, except when I come home after a night of having one, too many drinks…lol yeah we’ve all been there at least once too. So if you know you won’t be able to drag yourself to the bathroom sink, then always keep gentle facial wipes next to your bed for quick and easy removal. Your skin will thank you and your pillowcase will too.

3. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize [Establish a Beauty Routine]

cleanse tone moisturizeSo if our goal is to have beautiful skin in public then we also have to make it a priority to stick to a skin care regimen. No matter what I always cleanse to wash away make up, oil and other impurities, followed by a facial toner and lastly an application of a serum or rich moisturizer. For 2015 I plan on upping my skincare routine by wearing more SPF throughout my days, applying eye cream every morning and night and doing weekly face masks. Listen it seriously only takes a few minutes to cleanse, tone and moisturize and you can easily spend your Sunday afternoons pampering yourself by wearing a face mask. I think if we all keep it up it will become as normal as brushing your teeth every morning and evening. If you plan on having beautiful skin when you’re 50 then I suggest we all try and establish a beauty routine.

4. Clean that  DAMN CELLPHONE!

clean your cellphoneBelieve it or not our cellphones are extremely filthy and mine hardly ever leaves my hand so I know it ain’t clean. I’ve already set a daily reminder on my phone for me to clean it because no one wants to put a dirty phone against their face every time the phone rings.

5. Fresh Nails or No Chipped Nail Polish.

no more chipped nailsIt’s better to have on no nail polish than chipped nails, so for 2015 lets ditch that awful habit of going days (sometimes weeks) of wearing chipped nail polish. It takes zero effort to get remover and remove the old polish, leaving you with fresh nails. On another note, I also plan on going some weeks polish free so my nails can inhale and exhale freely.

6. Sleep

get more sleepClick HERE for my DIY HEADBOARD

This beauty goal may be the hardest thing for me to accomplish because it’s on my list EVERY SINGLE YEAR. I have a sleeping problem and I always have, but I am willing to put in some effort to try and sleep even if it means going to bed by 2/3am instead of 4am (yes I’m normally up until 4am most times) #thestruggle. So for 2015 we are going to try and stop those all-nighters and start trying to get some beauty sleep.

7. Detox Your Beauty Products

clean your makeup You may not realize but tons of your makeup has probably expired, and 2015 is the year that you need to take the time out to toss expired makeup and update where necessary. I also suggest you start cleaning your makeup bag  more frequently and I won’t even go into washing those makeup brushes that we all neglect far too often. Makeup brushes under perform when dirty and are just unhygienic, so for 2015 try and give your brushes a good cleaning more often.

8. Attempt a New Makeup Look I will be trying to go makeup free once a week, at the end of the day I enjoy the process of putting on makeup and I definitely want to branch out and try new looks for 2015. I love makeup so much yet I somehow wear the same look every single time I’m going out (the only thing that changes is my lipstick). Over the Christmas holidays I finally gave in to lashes and I think for 2015 I may try and incorporate them into a few looks. I also plan on learning some new techniques to help ‘update my look’.

Thank You For Taking the Time out to visit my blog and give this post a read. I would love to hear what your beauty resolutions for 2015 are, so please leave them below or tweet me @stylishleeds

Nuff Love. Natasha ♥


  1. Cristallina
    January 18, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    Girl i share your goals; been trying from last year to develop the habbit of every single one but GOOSSHHEESSS!UGH! Need to channel that self discipline!

    • January 18, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      oh gosh….im trying. im tryin. have on a face mask right now. lol channeling that self discipline right now. let me know in a month or two if you’re keeping up with everything

  2. Rushay
    January 23, 2015 / 2:30 pm

    What are your views on steaming your face as a cleansing routine?

    • January 25, 2015 / 7:41 am

      I personally don’t go out of my way to steam my face (I used to do this a ton in the past but honestly saw no dramatic difference) but on my really long wash days, when I’m in the shower for about an hour I sometimes apply a face mask and have it sit there until my wash process is done, so the steam from the shower is just about all the steaming that goes down. lol. I did read an article about steaming the face with tea tree oil (which is a product I love) and considered testing it out, but I am unable to get the one I want here in Jamaica, so maybe in the future I’ll update you.