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Nudes in your Closet NOT your Phone

Okay Okay! Hold up....Relax folks! Just so we're on the same page I need you to know this isn't a blog post about taking naked selfies ...


Let the Shorts do the Talking…

Happy Sunday Everyone! Today I'm brining you guys all the outfit details from my most recent outing. Yesterday, I took my ...


Mothers Day at Rockhouse Hotel Restaurant + Review

Hi Hi! This year for Mothers Day, my family and I left Montego Bay and traveled along the coastline to the islands western tip to ...


Fuzzy Whites

Hey Hey Hey! It's not yet officially summer but is sure does feel like it in Jamaica. I've decided that I'm pulling out all my short-shorts, mini skirts and flirty, flowy dresses because it's far too hot to go out covered up from head-to toe everyday. I mean hey, there really is no better time to ...


The Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Growth Vitamins

Hey NaturalLeeders!!! So I happen to strongly believe that healthy hair starts from the inside out. So when I saw that The Mane Choice had a booth at the World Natural Hair Show in Atlanta I decided to give in and purchase two bottles of their super popular Manetabolism Hair Vitamins and take ...


World Natural Hair Show Recap ¦ with Alikay Naturals

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the World Natural Hair Show 2016 in Atlanta, GA with Alikay Naturals—the experience was absolutely awesome! Now, we all know that I have fallen in love with Alikay Naturals products BUT I also found out that quite a few, okay okay, more like a ton load ...


Camo X Olive

Hey! Hey! So I know every now and then I say these exact words, but trust me when I say this is seriously on another level—I am obsessed with these camo shorts. I've had them for over 4 years and wore them only once before and somehow I forgot about these babies. Well here they are back in full ...