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Summer Pleats

Hey StyleLeeders! I got in to the office earlier than usual and I have a little free time on my hands. That said, I decided to use ...


Birds of Paradise ¦ Alikay Naturals

Hey StyleLeeders! The secret has been out for some time and I think everyone knows by now I am the brand ambassador for Alikay ...


Hot Pink

Hey StyleLeeders! And so the fitted bodycon dress craze continues. Perhaps one of my fave summer obsessions and I'm so happy I ...


Lacey Summer Whites

Hey StyleLeeders! I know I can't be the only one who's excited that it's FRIDAY! I really don't have much plans for the weekend except to get some much needed rest. Perhaps this extreme heat has a lot to do with this, but I have been feeling so drained as of late. That said, I'm so eager for this ...


Summer Dress

Happy Hump Day StyleLeeders! Does anyone else feel like the days are still getting hotter?! Well, it's progressively getting warmer and warmer  in Jamaica and it's causing me to ditch everything for looser fitting clothing. Helpppppp! At this point in the summer I'd much rather be naked than think of ...


A Relaxing Pamper Routine with Alikay Naturals

As a child I remember feelings of excitement whenever my mother would set up bubble baths for myself and my sister. Somehow as I grew older that excitement lessened. I grew impatient and sitting around for an hour doing nothing in a tub full of warm water just seemed ...


54 and Jamaican to the Core! Happy Independence Day JamRock!

Hey! Wassup! Hello! Shouting Happy Independence Day to JAMAICA!!! Today, August 6th, marks Jamaica's 54th year of independence from British rule. Today acts as a time to reflect on our journey as a nation while celebrating the achievements of our people and country. Now I know my country is far ...